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Top 10 Places To Have The Wildest Sex!

Top 10 Places To Have The Wildest Sex!

Ever want to have sex somewhere other than your typical bedroom or hotel room? I know you’ve at one point had the desire to engaged in wild, spontaneous and possibly even “public” sex for the sheer excitement and thrill!

Well, it turns out you’re not the only one who has had those wild desires. In fact, many people not only had those thoughts, but also acted on them as well!

Here are the top 10 wildest public places people have admitted to having sex and would recommend for those looking to spice up their sex life!…

1. In a Barn Surrounded by Animals

2. In a Fast-Food Drive-Thru

3. On a Moving Ferris Wheel

4. In the Car during an Automatic Car Wash

5. In a Retail Store Dressing Room

6. While Swimming in the Ocean

7. On a Public Hiking Trail

8. In a Hospital Room

9. On a Backyard Trampoline

10. In an Apartment Stairwell

Which of these places do you want to try? Now, if these locations aren’t exciting enough, here are some highly recommend sex products that will heighten you and your partner’s experience and orgasms even further during your public adventures!!!

Our Recommended Sex Products

A) B-Vibe Novice Butt Plug

B) Enigma Vibrator 

C) Pulse III Duo Cock Ring

D) Frisky Kegel Balls

E) Gold Medal Handcuffs

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