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Types of Vibrators To Get You Off!


By: Mistress K DiskretAdultLife, Oct. 10th, 2018

Most of us know that the sex toy industry is a booming industry with lots and lots of sex toy choices to choose from. No category shows this more than the “vibrator” options. Closely rivaled by the amount of dildos available for purchase, vibrators are one of the most populated categories for sex toy purchases. Thousands upon thousands of different vibrators are out there and available for purchase. Hundreds of manufacturers make these vibrators, and if you have a specific need, there’s likely a vibrator out there to solve it.

What you may not know is how many different types of specialized vibrators are out there. While all vibrators fulfill the need for vibration, vibrators can vary in size, intensity, and design to help fulfill specific needs. Finding the right vibrator can make a huge difference when finding the specific sex toy you need for the specific job. For example, a huge rabbit vibrator isn’t going to tuck into a pair of panties for a discreet night out; you’d want a panty vibrator for that.

Knowing the different types of vibrators will help you with selecting the right “tool” for the job. The most popular types of vibrators include clitoral, g-spot, rabbit, bullet, discreet, hands-free, wand, anal, cock ring, and panty. Read on to find out more about these different types of toys.types of vibrators

Types of Vibrators: Clitoral Vibrators

We’ll start with the most popular type of vibrator: the clitoral vibrator. Any vibrator that’s designed for external use (no penetration) with a focus on pleasing the clitoris is considered a “clitoral vibrator”. As the clitoris is usually the most-sensitive part of a female body, it makes sense that a lot of vibrators would set their focus to pleasing this little piece part of the body.types of vibrators

Clitoral vibrators come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, powers, and designs, Some of them will be intensely powerful – while others may offer soft, teasing vibrations. Some of them will perfectly fit the palm of your hand – allowing you to “cup” it against the body – while others will be long, pencil-like toys that require holding the vibrator in the perfect spot. Some clitoral vibrators will look clinical – but will get the job done amazing – while others are designed in fun, friendly colors that you’ll feel happy to look at. Some clitoral vibrators will be powered by batteries while others will have rechargeable batteries – much like your cell phone.

Types of Vibrators: G-Spot Vibrators

Another of the famous types of vibrators: the g-spot vibrators. Unlike the clitoral vibrators, g-spot vibrators are specifically designed for insertion. Most of these vibrators are insertion-shaped with a pronounced curve at the tip of the toy designed to hit the g-spot. While most vagina-owners report experiencing more pleasure with pressure and movement on the g-spot than with vibrations, the vibrations can definitely add another layer of pleasure to an already-pleasurable g-spot sex toy. Because of that aforementioned enjoyment of pressure, most g-spot vibrators are rigid and don’t have a lot of flexibility to them.types of vibrators

Where your individual g-spot is located is different from person to person. This means that what works for one person may not work for another. This is the reason that g-spot vibrators will have different and varied curves from sex toy to sex toy. One sex toy might have an extreme curve while other may only curve less than an inch. Unless you’ve hit your g-spot with your fingers in the past, you might need to experiment with a few different types of vibrators to find the best one to hit your personal anatomy.

Here’s a little known fact: most g-spot vibrators can also be used anally to hit the prostate in male-bodied individuals. Just make sure they have a flared base – or you’re really careful!

Types of Vibrators: Rabbit Vibrators

Made popular by that ever-famous episode of “Sex in the City”, rabbit vibrators are often a wotypes of vibratorsman’s first purchase in the world of sex toys. That’s a shame, really, because rabbit vibrators are just SO picky. You see, every woman’s individual anatomy is different. Her clitoris might be placed further, or closer, to her vagina, and her g-spot might be deeper or shallower than another woman’s. A rabbit vibrator attempts to hit *all* of those sweet spots at once. As you might imagine, this is a pretty heroic feat. When you happen to have the perfect anatomy to match up to the manufacturer’s specifications for that specific toy, this will be an amazing experience. But when you don’t….well, a lot of women come away extremely unsatisfied by their first sex toy experience.

That’s why patience and perseverance is so important if you plan on going down the road of rabbit vibrators. While rabbit vibrators can be absolutely amazing when it works out right, it’s definitely a bit of a journey to find the right rabbit vibrator to hit all of your individual needs.

Types of Vibrators: Bullet Vibrators

Aptly named, “bullet” vibrators are very small, “bullet” sized vibrators that are usually only two or three inches in length. These tiny toys don’t pack a lot of power, but they do offer complete discretion and easy portability. In addition, many dildos have holes in the base of the dildo to insert your own bullet vibrator – making the dildo instantly turn into a vibrator! Cock rings and strap-on harnesses may also have an open spot for adding a bullet vibrator. While this toy isn’t often used as the star of any masturbatory show, it’s a good little toy to have on-hand because of its versatile ability to add pleasure to other sex toys in your toybox.

Types of Vibrators: Discreet Vibrators

What if your lint roller was secretly a vibrator? What if that innocent rubber duckie in your bathtub could bring you pleasure? And your favorite bath poof? Well, there’s a vibrator hiddentypes of vibrators in that one too!

Discreet vibrators are one of the neatest categories on here. Exactly how the category sounds, “discreet vibrators” are toys made to be entirely discreet. Some may have innocent designs while others may be camouflaged as regular household objects!

As discreet vibrators have had more time put into discretion than power, most discreet vibrators are usually on the softer side. In addition, some vibrators may be more for the giggle-factor than any type of actual sexual pleasure. If you plan on buying one of these discreet toys for sexual use, make sure you’ve researched reviews online to make sure it works well for your needs.

Types of Vibrators: Hands-Free Vibrators

All the fun of a vibrator without the hassle of requiring your hands, hands-free vibrators are s

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ex toys specifically designed to be used without needing your hands. Most commonly, this looks like a vibrator attached to hip and waste straps. The straps wrap around your body to hold the vibrator in the perfect place – meaning you don’t need to fuss with holding the toy. You can enjoy any adult videos, adult reading, or anything else you might have in mind!

Since these vibrators are designed to be extremely small and form-fitting, they might not often have much power behind them. Most of them are battery-operated (because of the need for small sizes), and most are made out of porous materials.

Types of Vibrators: Wand Massagers

Often considered the “holy grail” of vibrators, wand massagers are where people go when they want the strongest, most powerful vibrators on the market. Because of their large design – and because many of them require an elLuxury Vibrator Le Wand White on stand featuredectrical outlet for power – wand massagers are noticeably stronger than most traditional vibrators. Some people – especially some vagina-owners – may even find that wand massagers are TOO strong for them to enjoy.

Wand massagers do have some downsides, though. Like we said, many require being plugged into an electrical wall outlet in order to function. In addition, wand massagers are usually larger and may be more unwieldy than their small, portable brethren. They can be difficult to fit between bodies during sex, and they may be too heavy to want to hold up for long periods of time.

Lucky for us, a lot of manufacturers are keen to the popularity of wand massagers, and a lot of attachments and accessories exist for these popular toys. Various “caps” can be placed on top of your wand massager to turn your external vibrator into a vibrator that can penetrate! In addition, special sex furniture exists to hold your wand massager in place – hands-free! – to allow you to use the vibrator without any of the downsides of a heavy toy.

Types of Vibrators: Panty Vibrators

It’s your underwear – and it’s a sex toy! Made popular by a few movies where the main character wears these out to dinner – while another person holds the remote – panty vibrators are exactly how they sound: vibrators for use in your panties. Most panty vibrators are two distinct pieces for easy cleaning: there’s a pair of panties with a built-in vibrator holder pocket and there’s the vibrator itself. Most panty vibrators come with a wireless remote to allow someone else to easily control the vibrations while you happen to be wearing the sex toy.

Due to the small design of the panty vibrator, most panty vibrators can’t put out the same amount of power as their larger counterparts. It’s also worth considering that every individual body has its own individual anatomy, so a specific pair of panties may not work well for every body – and you might need to modify the store-bought version to work well for you. People sewing a “vibrator pocket” into their favorite pair of undies isn’t unheard of. If you plan on using your panty vibrators in public, make sure to take some time to read some reviews about the connectivity of the remote. Some panty vibrators work really well in practice – while others can become a bit of a let-down as soon as you take it out of the bedroom.

Types of Vibrators: Anal Vibrators

Finally, we have the anal vibrators. While most items on this list were designed for clitoral and vaginal pleasure, anal vibrators are specifically designed for insertion and pleasure of the anal regionluxury butt plug in hand. The biggest differentiating factor of anal vibrators is their built-in flared base. Because the butt doesn’t have a built-in “stop” like the vagina does, it’s important to have a way to keep toys used anally from sliding all the way in. These types of anal vibrators have built-in, wider bases that help prevent the toy from sliding in.

As a final note: keep in mind that any vibrator can be used for any use. Just because something was designed for clitoral use doesn’t mean it can’t be used on the nipples or balls. Just because it’s a g-spot vibrator doesn’t mean that the tip can’t be used on the clitoris. Find sex toys you like – and use them how you want. Just be careful inserting anything anally that doesn’t have a flared base – and an easy way to remove it!

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