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Vibrating Butt Plug: The Do’s & Don’ts


By Mistress Kay of DiskretAdultLife, February 1st, 2019

vibrating butt plug

Vibrating Butt Plug: What Is It?

Butt plugs – which are anal sex toys designed to be slipped into the butt then left alone – are fantastic ways to slide yourself into the fun of anal pleasure. Butt plugs are simple to use, very affordable, and can be used for a wide variety of bedroom and public play adventures. Adding vibrations to the toy just adds even more options and ways to enjoy the sex toy.

Vibrating Butt Plug: Why Do You Want One?

I mean, why would anyone want to add even more pleasure to their already-pleasurable sex toy?

Well, if you’re someone who believes that, a vibrating butt plug might not be for you. Some people are quite content with their non-vibrating varieties, and they don’t see what vibrations could add to their experience. For other people, though, the vibrations can make a world of difference. Not only do vibrations allow partners to get involved in the experience, but they provide an active way to enjoy your sex toy. Instead of “slide it in and leave it in”, you now can change the sensation at the push of a button through patterns, more intensity, or less intensity.

Not only that, but vibrations can be particularly pleasurable in their own way – even when we leave the ability to change it up out of the picture. While the sensation of stretching and thrusting provides their own feelings, the feeling of vibration can be a very different (and enjoyable!) sensation.

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Vibrating Butt Plug: How Are They Powered?

Your potential anal toy will be powered in one of two ways:

The most-common power is rechargeable power. As rechargeable designs become easier to integrate, more and more vibrating butt plugs are going the rechargeable route. Hook your vibrating butt plug up to its charger and give it time to reach a full charge. Once it’s there, you’ll have a good chunk of worry-free playtime with your vibrating butt plug – and you don’t have to worry about the constant expense of new batteries! That convenience comes with a price, though, and most rechargeable toys tend to be more expensive than their battery-powered counterparts.

However, some affordable vibrating butt plug options may also be powered by batteries. The base of your vibrating butt plug may open to reveal a battery compartment, or it’s possible that your vibrating butt plug may come with a corded remote that contains the batteries (and the controls!) to power your vibrating butt plug.

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Vibrating Butt Plug: What Special Features Do They Have?

Since the important part of a vibrating butt plug is the moving parts of the vibrations (compared to a non-vibrating butt plug), most of the special features of your potential will new toy will be focused around the existence of those vibrations.

First off, your vibrating butt plug could be waterproof. As you can imagine, this allows more options for use. It could be used in the shower, while swimming, or any other aquatic environment you had in mind. A waterproof vibrating butt plug also allows for easier cleaning; you won’t have to worry about getting water in the wrong spots and accidentally harming your new toy.

Second, some vibrating butt plugs are travel-friendly. There’s a risk, with any toy that has a built-in battery, that the toy could turn on mid-travel within your luggage. It’s not a rare occurrence, and it’s pretty easy to find stories of airport panic where a vibrating toy was the cause. A vibrating butt plug equipped with a travel lock takes this stress right out of your mind, though. Just hit the button combination at the same time, and the toy will not turn on again until the same button combination is pressed again. As these button combinations usually require multiple buttons and a long period of activation, it’s near-impossible for travel-lock to get turned off unintentionally on most sex toys.

Third, your vibrating butt plug could come equipped with a hands-free remote. This remote takes the controls off of the vibrating butt plug itself – and places them into an easily-movable remote. Most remotes will offer separate buttons for intensity, pattern selection, and on/off for easy control over the anal toy when you’re in odd positions or it just isn’t comfortable to try to reach the plug during use.

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Vibrating Butt Plug: Wait – what? Someone Else Can Control It?

Yep, that’s right! Whereas standard butt plugs don’t really allow for any type of control (since there’s nothing to control!), a vibrating butt plug offers the option of controllable vibrations. Not only does this make it easier to control your own toy while you’re in the middle of your own play, but it also makes it simple to hand the remote over to a partner to involve another person in your play. With some creativity, it makes it simple to take your fun sexploration out of the bedroom – and into some fun public scenarios.

The most common type of remote-control for a vibrating butt plug is still the standard remote. Varying upon the manufacturer, what your exact remote will look like will vary. Some remotes will be equipped with a small screen to let you know what setting the plug is currently on. Other remotes may be equipped with a small light that lets you know when a button press has sent a command to the plug. Some remotes may be small enough to slide into the palm of your hand easily – and some remotes may have a light that glows so brightly that you’ll have to take special precautions to play with that remote in public. When selecting a vibrating butt plug for public play use, make sure to take the remote considerations into account as well.

App Friendly Feature:

Upping the ante, some manufacturers have started to equip their vibrating butt plugs with Bluetooth control capabilities. Instead of needing to be nearby the person wearing the vibrating butt plug, you can control the toy from long, long distances – even countries away! Perfect for couples who are traveling or long-distance relationships, these Bluetooth vibrating butt plugs use a “middle man” (a cell phone) to allow the vibrating butt plug to talk to the remote from anywhere in the world (with internet). The reliability of these connections is still growing as the technology continues to get better, but it’s a new way to experiment and play with your vibrating butt plug that you might want to consider.

When playing with any type of remote control of a vibrating butt plug, it’s important that you take things slowly. It can be really exciting to finally have the toy in your possession, so you might want to jump straight into that public pleasure fantasy you’ve had. Well, don’t. Learning your toy is the most important first place to start. Depending on the quality of the vibrating butt plug you’ve chosen, you might be surprised to learn how limiting the plug’s capabilities really are. Some vibrating butt plugs will work fantastically with a remote control through clothing and in a separate room. Some will only work when the person is naked and two inches from the remote. Knowing which type you have is important to prevent frustration during your scene.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Testing The Butt Plug Remote:

In order to figure out where your remote control of your vibrating butt plug falls, it’s important to do some initial tests. First, you need to test through clothing. Have the wearer stand naked with the butt plug inserted. From there, try to control the toy. Figure out what angles work best and how long it takes for the butt plug to respond when in the same room. Once you have your baseline, have the butt plug wearer slip on more layers of clothing – until they’re fully dressed. Again, try out the butt plug and see how much control the remote still has. If it’s still semi-reliable, this could possibly be a good option for public play.

Now that you’ve tried all of the control while standing next to the person, it’s time to move further away and see what happens. Try controlling the vibrating butt plug from across the room – or in another room. This will give you a good idea of what “range” to expect when playing in public. You might find out that you’ll be okay controlling the butt plug when you both are sitting down at a restaurant, but if the wearer gets up to freshen up in the bathroom, the plug may be out of range. Have a good idea of what range of control to expect – it’ll reduce frustration and give you confidence in your scene once you take it out in public – where it will be hard to openly communicate about how well things are working. 

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Vibrating Butt Plug: How Should I Choose the Best One?

Before anything else, you need to have a good idea about what your body is capable of enjoying. If you pick a butt plug that is too big, you won’t be able to comfortably enjoy it. But if the butt plug you choose is too small, it won’t provide much pleasure for you – or it might slide out too easily. If you currently own a butt plug, either take its measurements or find the measurements for your toy online.

Compare its measurements – and your current ability and enjoyment of it – to decide how large you’d like your new toy to be. If you don’t currently own a butt plug or other anal toy, consider using your fingers. Find out how many fingers comfortable fit inside of you, clean yourself up, and measure that diameter of your fingers to figure out where you should start, size-wise, when shopping for your new butt plug.

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Butt Plug Material:

After you’ve figured out the basic size, you might want to think about material. Material is another big purchasing factor for your sex toy. Silicone is going to be your most-common non-porous material for a vibrating butt plug. Outside of that, you might see some vibrating butt plugs in TPR, rubber, jelly, or other porous materials. Make sure to do your research about porous versus non-porous sex toy materials, and try to select the best option that fits within your budget.

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Butt Plug Budget:

Now it’s time to determine your budget. How much are you able to spend on your new sex toy? You should never put yourself into debt over a sex toy, but at the same time, there’s no point in spending your money on something that you’re going to hate in the long-run. Try to find a happy medium. Have a general idea of what your budget is, and be flexible: if you happen to find your “dream toy” and it’s a bit out of your budget, consider saving up. It’s worth waiting a bit longer when the toy is the best one out there for you.

Once you have a budget in mind, start looking for vibrating butt plugs within that budget. In particular, pay attention to the special features that we talked about. Does having a waterproof toy stand out to you? Would you rather just have a toy that your partner can control? Especially when it comes to budget issues, being able to determine what features are “must haves” and what features are “meh” for you will really help you find something that will fit within your price point.

And above all – once you order your vibrating butt plug, don’t forget to have fun with it!

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