15 Revolutionary Vibrator Types You Need To Try!


By: Jessica & Lee Founders of DiskretAdultLife

Rabbit / Clitoral / G Spot / Anal / For Beginners / Couples / Wand / Bullet / Finger / Egg / Rechargeable / Waterproof / Small / Powerful / Quiet

If you’re looking for a boost in the bedroom chances are you already know sex toys are there to enhance both your solo exploration and “sex-a-pades” with your partner. The vibrator has to be part of the equation whenever talking sex toys and pleasure. Vibrators are the single easiest way to enhance sexual pleasure, I’m talking instant pleasure for all women! However, weeding through thousands of vibrator options, styles, designs, and sizes is no easy task! I’ve been in this industry for nearly a decade and still randomly come across a new vibrator I’ve never seen before.

Luckily for you, my team and I have compiled a “must try” list of 15 different vibrator types and the best vibrators in each category. After researching thousands of vibrators here is what we looked at to determine “the best vibrators” in each class:

  • Popularity of the vibrator
  • Reviews and Ratings of the vibrators
  • Sex expert blog reviews
  • Personal experience with the vibrators
  • Price of the sex toy
  • Durability of the sex toy
  • Reputation of manufacturer
  • User-friendliness of the toy
  • Style, design, and features of the toy
  • Type of material the toy’s made from

Each vibrator type offers a new way to enjoy and climax from different forms of stimulation. After trying these types of stimulation, you will be able to determine what your unique body responds best to, and what you know to pass on next time. So, get ready for some eye-rolling, full body quivering orgasms as we jump into these 15 different types of vibrators every woman needs to try! 

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  • Rabbit Vibrators:

The rabbit vibrator is the single most popular vibrator among women. Over 28% of women own some form of the original rabbit vibrator. Another large study showed that 82% of American women either own a rabbit vibrator or admitted to wanting to try one themselves! That’s a lot of rabbit vibes going on all over the place! In fact, most sex experts agree, the rabbit vibrator is the best vibrator for women… Period!

So, what’s all the fuss about? Or should I say what’s all these orgasms about? The rabbit vibrator does something special; it stimulates both the clitoris and internally at the same time. This leads to “blended orgasms” which are rated the best way to orgasm among women. A blended orgasm requires you to stimulate 2 or more areas at the same time until climax. That could be your clit, g-spot, anal, deep penetration… you get the idea. However, most women are more open to dual stimulation coming from the clit and vaginal penetration. Which makes the rabbit vibrator a “go-to” sex toy for most women, hence it becoming extremely popular.

The Rabbit vibrator uses extending “rabbit ears” to stimulate the clit. These “rabbit ears” only contact the clit when the shaft is inserted vaginally. Looking at all the crazy sex toys on the market now-a-days it seems quite simple but when it first came out it revolutionized woman’s pleasure. Sometimes these simple designs are the most pleasurable and judging by how popular rabbit vibrators are today; its pretty clear the design works well and always will!

Rabbit Vibrators Maximum Pleasure with Minimum Effort

The best part about the rabbit vibrator is unlike using your hand or a dildo and your hand, you can just lay back and enjoy this single sex toy. It’s the definition of maximum pleasure with very minimum effort required on your part. Or better yet, have a partner use it on you; requiring zero effort on your part 😉

The rabbit vibrators hits both of your biggest pleasure zones simultaneously. It also frees up your second hand to use elsewhere. I highly recommend it to any women who find themselves tired after a long day and want an easy way to release sexual tension and stress. Even if you like to use your hand, take advantage of the ability to stimulate two zones with a single hand plus the ability to vibe! It can take your sex life from zero to 60 in a single night!

Iconic Rabbit 2.0:

The Iconic Rabbit 2.0 is your classic “Rabbit Vibrator” design but with all the modern-day features. It has a silk smooth silicone shaft with two rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation. Its features are endless including waterproof, rechargeable, quiet, and digital controls. Making this the top-selling rabbit vibrator on the market! It’s a great vibrator for anyone who loves dual stimulation, fast and easy blended orgasms, and quick charging sex toys. The standby is 90 days because I haven’t charged mine in months and it still powered up like a champ!

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  • Clitoral Vibrators:

Clitoral vibrators are designed to do exactly that… stimulate the clit. What’s so great about clitoral stimulation? Over 42% of all women have said they require some form of clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm! That’s almost half of all women that require their clit to be touched in order to get off (I know I’m one of them).

What’s really unique about clitoral vibrators is most of them use “sonic pulse air technology” a very, very fancy way of saying it simulates “sucking”. Clitoral vibrators use air that pushes and pulls in through the nozzle to stimulate a “sucking” sensation. Does it really work? Hell yea it does! It feels identical to oral sex and literally aims to suck on your clit just like when a partner would.


The different levels of pleasure you can get all depend on the pattern and intensity level you set the clitoral vibrator too. You can have it so soft you can hardly feel it to “let me see if my clit is still there” mode! I prefer a setting on the higher side, but really enjoy it during bath time. Not all of them are waterproof so beware. But I love a hot suds bath, a glass of wine, and my clitoral vibrator wipe all my stress away in less than 60 seconds.

It wasn’t the first clitoral vibrator to market but probably the most popular would be the Womanizer. It’s called the “90 second orgasm” because just about every woman who uses it climaxes in under a minute and a half. I’m not kidding… I bet you wouldn’t last a full two minutes. With the perfect pleasurable setting, you will experience what feels exactly like body-numbing, eye-rolling pleasurable oral sex!

Womanizer Inside Out:

The Womanizer Inside Out is a girls wet dream! It uses the sonic pulse air technology I spoke of above. Simulating the closest thing to oral sex I’ve ever felt (might even feel better than actual oral but don’t tell my husband). What’s better than an orgasmic pulsating wave sucking on your clit? How about an orgasmic pulsating wave sucking on your clit along with a g-spot curved shaft stimulating your deep vaginal wall?

The all new Womanizer Inside Out takes the classic Womanizer to a whole new level. Its got 12 different intensity levels, 12 different suction patterns, waterproof, and whisper quiet. It uses medical grade silicone and was dubbed the “90 second orgasm machine” by Cosmo, Refinery29, and Buzzfeed. If you can last longer than 90 seconds without orgasming, you deserve a prize my friend! 

Womanizer Inside Out

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  • G-Spot Vibrators

If you’re well acquainted with your g spot you know exactly why someone would design a sex toy to specifically target this zone. The g spot vibrator is built to stimulate your g spot and is what I consider an absolute must when masturbating. My fingers just don’t seem long enough to stimulate my entire g spot, and if that’s the case for me, it could be the same for you. Plus, my fingers don’t vibe with high frequency waves of overwhelming pleasure…

The g spot vibrator is a powerful tool that is designed with the perfect curve and angle for stimulating your entire g spot. Your g spot is located roughly 2-3 inches up the front of your vaginal wall (facing your belly button). It feels like a textured patch similar in consistency to a raspberry. When stimulated properly it can create overwhelming orgasmic pleasure that leads to female ejaculation for some women. Studies have shown female ejaculation (squirting) is much more common when stimulating the g spot.

So why would you want to use your fingers and stimulate 10% of your g spot if you could use a g spot vibrator to hit 100% of it every single time? Use the curve of the g spot vibrator to easily angle the powerful vibrations into your g spot leading to new mind-blowing orgasms!


Want a vibrator built specifically for G-spot orgasms? Here is the problem with most G-spot vibrators, everyone’s G-spot is in a slightly different spot! All our bodies are unique and all of us require a slightly different depth and angle to hit the G-spot. It’s not like your G-spot is a mile long! This vibrator has a unique and genius design. You press a button and bend the vibrator to the exact angle you need and let the button go. The vibrator will then hold this position until you press the button again! This is how you adapt to all women. Find that perfect angle for you and let the amazing features of the G-kii blow your mind. With 7 vibration patterns and 5 vibration levels, customizing your G spot pleasure has never been so individualized to your specific needs!

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  • Anal Vibrators

I’m talking butt plugs and anal beads! If you haven’t tried them yet, you are truly missing out. Unleashing only half of the orgasmic possibilities your body can deliver. Vibrating butt plugs are designed with a bulbous end, tapered neck, and large flared base. They are designed to be inserted and comfortably sit with your anus grasping the slim neck, but flared base preventing it from going all the way in. Vibrating butt plugs add a new and exciting sensation to masturbation, or penetrative sex. They should be inserted and left in for as long as you desire (up to 3-4 hours). You can wear them around the house, while masturbating, out in public, or while having sex. The boost of pleasure is mind numbing, and yes you can receive powerful anal orgasms too!

Don’t forget about vibrating anal beads! These are just as versatile as vibrating butt plugs but are designed slightly differently. Anal beads are usually a string of beads that start with a small diameter and gradually get larger. They are attached in some fashion of silicone, string, or flexible plastic, and have a large flared end to prevent from going in to far. Anal beads are designed to be pushed in and pulled out whenever you want a boost in anal pleasure! I prefer to slowly work my way all the way up the beads and just before orgasming pull one or two of the beads out to send me over the edge! Talk about an extremely intense and long-lasting orgasm!

B-Vibe Cinco:

The B-Vibe Cinco is the “Cadillac” of anal vibrators! These anal beads are waterproof, rechargeable, remote controlled, 6 vibe levels, 15 vibe patterns, travel lock, and incredibly smooth body safe silicone. It doesn’t get any better than this! The hooked handle keeps it safe for anal play and gives you immense control. Can you say full body orgasmic anal pleasure? I love wearing mine while stimulating vaginally, which leads to huge blended climaxes.

The remote comes in handy so you don’t have to get your hands full of lube or pull the anal beads out in order to change the settings. It has great length and girth to it, so I highly recommend it to ambitious beginners or more experienced anal play users. Feel the fullness and pleasure of 3 powerful vibrating motors in one seamless anal vibrator!

B-Vibe, Cinco, anal beads,sex toys for men

  • Vibrators for Beginners

What makes a good vibrator for beginners? I suggest three things… It must be easy to use, smaller in size, and versatile. To further explain, a vibrator for beginners can’t be extremely difficult to use and believe me there are a lot of vibrators built for experts. It shouldn’t have 72 different patterns and levels of intensity, travel locks, and confusing apps to work it. For a beginner “testing the waters” it should be a one or two button sex toy with maybe a handful of vibration patterns. If you want the waterproof to test that feature, it doesn’t really add to the complexity. It should also have a shape that is easy to use. A broad stimulating head, or large ergonomic handle with a slightly curved shaft.

The vibrator for beginners should be smaller in size. Nothing is more frustrating, uncomfortable, and down-right dissatisfying than trying to use a sex toy that’s just out of your size range. A beginner doesn’t need huge fullness satisfaction right off the bat. Just get used to holding it, finding the zones that feel good, and using the different settings.

silicone rope

Lastly, vibrators for beginners should be versatile. You should be experimenting with penetration, clitoral stimulation, and g-spot stimulation. Don’t get a sex toy that only satisfies one of these categories, get something that you can try out multiple things. This will help you learn and understand your body better. As you get more advanced you can narrow down to specific stimulation vibrators. 

Boom Fir:

The Boom Fir is a perfect vibrator for beginners. I say that because its very versatile, user-friendly controls, and perfect size. It has the ability to stimulate through vaginal penetration, a rotating and turning brush for clitoral stimulation, or both at the same time for blended stimulation. It has 10 different patterns to test and find your zone, plus all the modern-day conveniences of USB rechargeable, waterproof for easy clean up, and very quiet. The waterproof feature also allows you to test your vibrator in the pool, tub, or shower! The best part about the Boom Fir is even as a experienced sex toy user, I still use it all the time! You won’t “grow out” of it or get bored of the pleasure.

Its just a simple to use, reliable, and medium sized vibrator. Making it an all around great first toy that allows you to help learn and understand your body.

Boom Fir, Vibrator

  • Couples Vibrators

I want to clear the air on couples vibrators first; just so everyone understands, literally any and every vibrator can be used with any and all partners. Your partner can warm you up with a rabbit before having penetrative sex, or if he climaxes first and you didn’t get yours yet, he can finish you off with a wand vibrator. Any vibrator can be used at any time! There are endless possibilities and once you introduce sex toys into the bedroom with him or her, it is easy to understand how you can use any vibrator you want together.

However, with that being said… there are vibrators designed specifically for men to use with a woman; or a woman to use with another woman. These couples vibrators are designed to stimulate both him and her simultaneously. That is the only difference I see when specifying a couples vibrator vs. any and all vibrators. It must stimulate both of you simultaneously. For that, there are only a few vibrators that complete this task. The first, most common and highest rated would be the cock rings.

Another popular couples vibrator would be a “sync” shaped vibrator. These are inserted vaginally and vibrate while leaving room for him to penetrate as well. There are a lot of “spin offs” on this type of design.

anal sex toys in public


It’s hard to talk best couples vibrators without bring up the Sync by We-Vibe. It is the original, and in my mind the best couples vibrator still on the market. It has been re-vamped for more modern-day features and can even connect to your phone via the We-Vibe App! What’s so special about the Sync? It has two slim vibrating ends. One end gets inserted vaginally and the other rests perfectly on your clitoris. The vibes are internal on G spot while also on your clitoris.

But what makes it a couples vibrator is he still has room to penetrate you along with the slim end inserted in you! This provides a unique and vibrating sensation on this shaft. That means you both are getting orgasmic waves of pleasure at the same time! My favorite part about the sync is just how flexible it is, It adapts to your every curve along with his, making it comfortable and pleasurable! Don’t forget it has a remote, USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof, and the number one rated couples vibrator of all time!

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  • Wand Vibrators

What can I say? I absolutely love my wand vibrators. They look very similar to a “personal massage device” that is used to work out muscle pain. It typically consists of a round cylinder shaft leading to a semi-flexible silicone head. The wand vibrators only vibrate at the head, and the head can usually bend or flex in a 360-degree motion. Some plug into the wall, which I have found being chained to an outlet unattractive, so I appreciate the rechargeable wands. Its great for broad stimulation on the clitoris or exterior of the vagina. Simply press the wand vibrator head directly against your clitoris. Simple to use and hard to miss “the spot” with the rather large head!

Not the most travel friendly I typically leave them at my bedside. However, the larger size comes with a huge bonus, the most powerful vibes you can achieve! If you’re a powerqueen, the wand vibrator is for you. Not every wand is powerful, but the top of line ones come with a rumbly, deep penetration, blow your socks off vibration power. The power comes from the larger batteries based in the cylinder. Smaller sex toys just don’t have the capacity like the wand vibrators do.

They are great for solo masturbation and with a partner. Due to the larger size you might need a couple unique sex positions but the powerful vibes on your clit while a partner penetrates you is like nothing I’ve experienced before! I suggest if you have a male partner, he be on top with his arms extended out. This allows enough room between the two of you for you to control the wand and hit all the right spots! The powerful vibes will transfer into his shaft as well, which I’m sure you won’t hear him complaining about. 😉

Magic Wand:

The Magic Wand is the best-selling wand vibrator for 30+ years. But the new one that Diskret offers is hot off the press and offers new features including the ability to be rechargeable! It has a flexible silicone head that bends to your will. It has 4 unique vibration patterns and 4 intensity settings. This is the most powerful vibrator on the market (in my opinion, and I’ve tried nearly all of them). It’s first setting is a gentle rumbly vibe you can feel throughout your whole body. The last and most powerful setting will blow your socks off! This model is now rechargeable and offers broad clitoral stimulation for even the hardest women to please. The Magic Wand was originally designed and sold as a muscle massaging tool, so you can understand where the power comes from!

Enjoy endless clitoral orgasmic pleasure solo or with a partner! If you want historically reliable, powerful, pleasurable, and reputable sex toy… look no further!

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  • Bullet Vibrators

Have you ever wanted to travel with your vibrator, get off in public with your vibe, or carry it around in your purse? It’s a kinky fantasy many women have, and the bullet vibrator is perfect for that. The bullet vibrator is the best portable, discrete, quiet, and extremely simple to use vibrator on the market. Throw it in your purse, its small and light enough to carry about with your things and looks like just another beauty product.

 It’s also extremely quiet, I didn’t say the vibration was weak, just very directed. So, you can pump huge vibration with pinpoint accuracy without the person next to you even knowing! Great if you have a roommate, kids, or anyone you don’t want to know you’re in a euphoric state of pleasure! I can guarantee most bullet vibrators will be completely silent, I can’t say the same for you when orgasming from direct clitoral stimulation. Most have a max noise level of 50dB and have a couple different vibration patterns and intensities.

The other beautiful thing about bullet vibrators is that they are extremely easy to use! Just one button to turn on, turn off, and cycle through the vibration speeds. With no oblong shape or design its very straight forward to use (place the tip where you desire the vibration)! It’s highly intuitive and great for beginners since its less daunting to take on. Also, when ready to take on something bigger and more complex, some dildos are built with a compartment to stick your bullet in. This can turn your standard dildo into a vibrator!


I am a big fan of bullet vibrators and the best is the Tango by We-Vibe. Its slim, its discreet, and its very powerful. Most vibrators are rated on a scale of 0-Tango when judging the vibration power. Sometime big things do come in small packages! Beyond that it is just a very user-friendly sex toy. Single button to turn on and off, flip through the vibe powers and its 100% waterproof. This bullet vibrator is back to basics here. It is a small cylinder with a angled head for pin point precision. It has a 1-year warranty and mine has been going on 3 years of use!

Perhaps the best part of the Tango is it fits in any bullet vibrator pocket. A lot of sex toys offer a great toy with a cheap bullet vibrator to add a vibration factor. However, replace that cheap vibrator with the Tango and you can turn your quality toy into a quality vibrator! It will send vibration through even the largest sex toys! Its also great to use with a partner since it is so slim and small, it fits between the two of you perfectly!

We Vibe Tango, sex toys for lesbians

  • Finger Vibrators

After a long day at work or a night out, the last thing you want to be doing is masturbate for a long time without satisfying results. Sometimes a effortless orgasm from just laying back and working a finger vibrator is just what the doctor ordered. Finger vibrators come in a variety of shapes and styles. If you want true pin point accuracy, slide a finger vibrator on like a thimble and feel just how easy it can be! It can extend your finger to reach spots you couldn’t before and of course adds that delightful vibe sensation at the same time! Some add a little texture to your fingertips, or you can vibe out in public with a finger vibe ring! If you want quick and effortless orgasms, the finger vibe options aren’t exactly endless, but they are new and exciting ways to get off!

So, weather you’re a beginner or expert when it comes to sex toys, anyone can enjoy these miniature erotic delights!

FIN Dame Products:

Fin by Dame Products is my favorite finger vibrator. Its hard to find a real quality finger vibrator but coming from Dame Products you know it was built to last. The Fin feels like a mini extension of your fingers. Its small discreet and easy to use with a partner. Or even let your partner use it on you! Three words sum up this entire finger vibrator “EASY TO USE”. It’s the most convenient vibrator you can imagine. It’s easy to slide on, easy to slide off, easy to use, easy to orgasm with, and water resistant so its easy to clean up when your all done! It has 3 vibrating speeds and made from medical grade, body-safe silicone. Pack it in your purse and take it on the go for amazing clitoral orgasms anywhere and everywhere!

The Fin was featured in every big magazine and media outlet possible. Making it the have the largest hype around a product release I’ve ever witnessed in the sex toy industry. Usually when this happens I get really disappointed by the toy since I built it up so much in my mind. However, the Fin blew me away. It is just so versatile offering 5-6 different ways you can wear it and pleasure yourself. Making the Fin, one finger vibrator to rule them all! 

Fin Dame Products, Fin, Dame Products

  • Egg Vibrators

Ben-wa-balls and egg vibrators are a unique and sexy way to pleasure yourself while at home or out and about! The ben-wa-ball craze took off with the movie series “50 shades of gray” where a man slides them into his lover before a dinner party. The kinky scene made every woman fantasy of wearing them, especially in public. The egg vibrator is similar to ben-wa-balls but with an added vibration which allows you to wear them anywhere you please and vibe at the same time! They are small and discrete, no more than 4 inches in length and allow you to vibe right out in public! Egg vibrators are also great for strengthening your PC muscles. Which allow you to feel “tighter” during penetrative sex.

The rounded egg shape allows you to fully insert the vibrator into your vagina without it slipping back out. You may have to squeeze a little to hold it in place, this is what works out those PC muscles for you! Usually you can control the vibration with a remote keeping it discrete in nature. Since using a remote is a little less obvious then sticking your hand down the front of your pants!

I found the best place to use the egg vibrator was slipping it in before going out, and letting my partner control the vibes. Talk about extreme foreplay leading up to later! I ripped my clothes off as fast as possible once we walked through our front door! You can also let your partner control the vibes while you get him off.

Ben-wa-balls are more of a “tease” without the vibration. The egg vibrators really take things to the next level and allow for easier climaxes.

Luna Smart Bead:

The Luna Smart Bead by Lelo is a egg vibrator that responds to your every move! It uses “touch-sensors” that respond to every squeeze of your PC muscles. It measures orgasm-potential and sets a routine that can be tailored to any user. You can progress through its 5 vibration-guided levels to train your PC muscles. Its like a workout for your vagina! But what are the benefits of this workout? It makes you feel tighter down there and lets you enjoy longer and stronger orgasms in no time!

This is the most unique and pleasurable egg vibrator that I know of. It actually vibes when I squeeze allowing me to orgasm, which is otherwise difficult for me with ben-wa-balls. The smooth silicone toy has a tapped tip for easy insertion and a large loop string for easy removal. Plus, its built by Lelo so you know its made to last and is built out of quality material. 

luna smart bead, sex toys for couples

  • Rechargeable Vibrators

Call me picky, but this is a big one for me! I rarely use vibrators that take batteries. Unless it’s a bullet vibrator that is low cost and can last a very long time on a single battery. I don’t mess with batteries. A few select bullet vibrators are okay due to the relatively small vibe power and size I can make do changing the batteries once a month. But the larger battery powered vibrators kill the mood for me. Nothing kills the mood faster than your batteries dying and you have to get up, dig through a junk drawer in hopes to find more. Then have to change them out and realize they are bad batteries or you’re just not in the mood any longer.

Rechargeable vibrators are a life saver (for me). You can plug them in wherever, usually with just a USB charging port. Then they will charge up in 1-2 hours and your set! They can stay in your nightstand for 3 months on standby and still work wonders. Plus, rechargeable vibrators are typically waterproof where replacement battery vibrators usually are not. Simply because its to hard to seal around replaceable batteries. So stop worrying about if your vibrator is going to make it through your entire masturbation session, if the batteries are corroding, if it can get wet when cleaning up, and move into the 21st century with rechargeable vibrators!

Bi Stronic Fusion:

Since just about every vibrator Diskret offers is rechargeable; everything was fair game to pick my favorite rechargeable vibrator! With an open door like that, I had to go with the Bi Stronic Fusion by Fun Factory. This vibrator has it all! It has 64+ ways to enjoy pulsations and vibrations independent of each other. Because this vibrator has two independent motors it can vibrate or pulsate. It uses a soft silicone wing that flutters against your clitoris and the shaft not only vibrates but thrusts back and forth!

Very few vibrators offer a thrust and most of them break within the first couple uses. However, Fun Factory builds the most quality adult products available. While it’s a bit of an investment you will not be disappointed! Keep in mind it is fully waterproof, made from medical grade silicone, and offers revolutionary thrusts, pulsates, vibrates, and fluttering!

Bi Stronic Fusion Fun Factory

  • Waterproof Vibrators

This is hit or miss for most people. Either you love using your sex toy in the shower, bath tub, pool, hot tub… or you don’t. I find water sex to be new and exciting way to mix things up! I’m not really supposed to recommend water sex in pool or hot tubs for obvious hygiene restrictions, but your own shower is a great way to add a unique and fun variable to your sex life! If you are new to vibrators and not sure if you want to try it in a watery environment, I suggest you get a waterproof vibrator. It doesn’t really add to the cost much and it is something everyone should give a go at least once!

The best way to use a vibrator in my mind is after a long day at work, slide into a warm bubble bath with a glass a wine at my side. Grab my fully charge waterproof vibrator and slowly work myself into an orgasmic state of mind. Talk about relaxing and a huge stress relief! Although its not for everyone, I do suggest trying it at some point.

GiGi 2:

The original GiGi was so popular that Lelo had to make a second version. The design and size is already proven to be perfect, they just needed to upgrade the features. They hit it out of the park with this one! The GiGi 2 has an incredibly slim design with a flat head that is great for broad clitoral stimulation. Its USB rechargeable and of course waterproof! Take it in the tub, shower, or pool with you. Don’t let a little water stop all your fun 😉. Its only inserted about 4 inches and has a curved shaft for great G spot stimulation. The powerful vibes can be felt throughout the water and it quickly became a global best-seller!

Gigi 2, Lelo, vibrators

  • Small Vibrators

Small vibrators are some of my favorite ways to get off! Huge benefits in the sex toy world come from these nifty little toys. Things to consider when purchasing a vibrator is the storage space, do you have room in your nightstand for huge vibrator? Do you plan to travel with it at all? Pack a small vibrator in a carry on or suitcase is easy and discreet. Do you plan to take it out of the house? Some women enjoy having the small vibrators in their purse so the can vibe anywhere at any time! Its important to use something small that blends in with your other cosmetics then. Do you plan to use your vibrator with a partner? Positions get limited if you have too large of a vibrator, a small vibrator that can fits between you both no matter what the position is ideal.

Just because it’s a small vibrator doesn’t mean it can’t have big vibe power! Some small vibrators pack a huge punch and deliver pin point clitoral stimulation. They also are easy to hold and more ergonomic to use. The benefits are plentiful when keep things small!

EVA ll:

Want a revolutionary small vibrator? Our favorite friends at Dame Products have done it again. The EVA ll is a unique hands free clitoral vibrator that can be used during masturbation or penetrative sex with a partner! The EVA ll uses two flexible wings that sit between your labia and applies direct and powerful vibes to the clit. It comes with all the features you’d expect; 3 speed motor, rechargeable, waterproof, and medical grade silicone. I call this vibrator my hands-free, hassles sex toy. Slide it in, lay back, and don’t worry about a thing as your mind drifts away into one fantasy after another. Didn’t take me long to climax (multiple times). It has a 3 year warranty and very easy to clean up once your done!

Eva ii, Dame, vibrator, sex toys for lesbians

  • Powerful Vibrators

Are you a powerqueen like me? If so, that means you love powerful vibrations from your vibrators. All vibrators have one thing in common; they vibrate! But not all vibrators have the same vibe power. It can be extremely disappointing if you require deep, rumbly, penetrating vibes and your vibrator is so weak you can hardly tell if its on or off! New rechargeable vibrators are getting better at offering more vibe, but I noticed its best based on specific brands. If you know a manufacturer that offers a vibrator that blows your mind, chances are all their sex toys use that motor or one very similar. This keeps me buying from the same type of brand to prevent the disappointment that’s happened all to frequently.

A couple small vibrators still offer huge vibe, but typically the best vibrations come from wands. Also, keep in mind that clitoral stimulators might not need the same vibration power as a penetrating vibrator. Your clitoris is much more sensitive than deep vaginal penetration. So, a clitoral vibrator that is half as powerful as your vibrating shaft could still produce amazing results. Don’t judge it from initial power up, actually go and use it!

The Rave:

So, you want a powerful vibrator ehh? I mentioned a couple that are way above the crowd earlier with the Tango or Magic Wand. But one that I feel has even more bang for your buck is the Rave by We-Vibe. Nothing extremely fancy here, a slim slightly curved shaft best for G spot stimulation. But the power this thing has is immense. I was blown away the first time I turned it on. I actually had to lower it a few intensity levels and I consider myself a powerqueen! It’s splashproof, rechargeable, and can hook up to the We-Vibe App. The power comes from the dual-motors that will hammer your G spot into a full body shaking orgasmic experience. If you want a powerful vibrator check out the Rave!

we-vibe Rave, sex toys for lesbians

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  • Quiet Vibrators

Can you hear that? Me either… and that a good thing! Noise bothers some more than other but I find loud vibrators especially annoying if with a partner. Something about solo masturbation lets you tune out the noise and focus on yourself, but when with a partner its especially hard to just tune out the vibrator and not your partner. Quite vibrators come in handy when you want to be discreet. You will be grateful your vibrator is under 50dB when you have kids in the other room, your partner on top of you, live with a roommate, or really focusing on relaxing during your masturbation.

sexy mask,

The power and loudness are usually a direct relationship. As the power goes up, the motor is larger and typically louder. As your vibe power goes down, the noise decreases too. Some sex toys have that perfect vibrating pitch that is near a slight hmmm, but not all. Check some reviews, the product description, or shop Diskret to find the powerful yet quiet vibrators. All vibrators on Diskret are under that 50dB limit since noisy vibrators are a pet peeve of mine!

Je Joue Classic Bullet:

Got a nosey roommate? Perhaps you have kids or live in an apartment? Maybe you want to take your vibe public? Don’t want to kill the foreplay with a partner by pulling out a loud jackhammering vibrator? Whatever your reason, and there are a lot of them… quiet vibrators are always nice to have. One of my favorite quiet vibrators is the Classic Bullet by Je Joue. Its nearly silent and small enough to pack on the go. Throw it in your purse, take it on a trip, or use it behind a closed door without anyone ever knowing. With 5 speeds and 7 patterns to thrill you, this rumbly deep vibrating sex toy will have you screaming for more! Gently place the pointed tip on your clit and enjoy the overwhelming waves of pleasure.

Classic Bullet, Je Joue

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