It’s hard to find quality vibrators now-a-days! Let Diskret do the work for you.

Our adult sex toy experts have reviewed, researched, and sampled just about every vibrator on the market.

We stay up to date on all the latest product launches and are the industry leader in quality vibrators!

Diskret Vibrators Are:

Choosing The Perfect Vibrator!

So, now that you can shop our vibrators in confidence what is the best vibrator for you?

It’s a hard process choosing the perfect vibrator. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone enjoys different forms of stimulation. If this is your first vibrator, go off what form of pleasure you enjoy most while masturbating or with a partner.

Diskret Vibrators Can Bring:  

Next you should decide what features are most important to you!

Diskret Vibrators Feature Options:

Diskret Vibrator Use:


Determining how you want to use the vibrator will help you pick out the best vibrator!

What do you plan to use your vibrator for?

Revolutionary Diskret Vibrator Types

Each vibrator can be broken down into a specific class and offer a unique orgasm.

Are you looking for a specific type of vibrator?

 For full description and examples of the best types of vibrators click here.

Rabbit Vibrators:

Featuring a main shaft and “rabbit ears” on top, provide both vaginal penetration along with clitoral stimulation. The most popular type of vibrator to date! Check out my favorite rabbit vibes here.

Clitoral Vibrators:

Perfect for women who want fast and hard orgasms. These clitoral vibes use air suction for pin point stimulation, or large vibrating heads for broad stimulation. Check out my favorite clitoral vibes here!

G-Spot Vibrators:

Feature a slightly curved shaft that make it easy to stimulate a woman’s most important zone… Her G-Spot! Never ignore the most pleasurable zone for full body orgasms. Let’s view my favorite g-spot vibes here!

Anal Vibrators:

These are built for both vaginal penetration and anal penetration. The design must specifically state it is safe for anal! Who doesn’t love a good anal orgasm now and then?!

Vibrators For Beginners:

New to sex toys? Want a more basic, and user-friendly design? Check out these 25 easy to use sex toys for beginners!

Couples Vibrators:

Love using sex toys with your partner? Interested in introducing a new explosive accessory to the bedroom? Leave both of you satisfied ever time. Check out these 25 orgasmic sex toys for couples!

Wand Vibrators:

It’s easy to see why women love wand vibes so much! Some of the most intense and penetrating vibes on the market come from wands. Larger in size, they pack a serious punch and come with attachments for different forms of stimulation!

Bullet Vibrators:

These are small, discreet, and perfect for orgasms on the go! Easy to slip in a purse or suitcase, take vibes on the go. Also, great to use during penetrative sex for a non-intrusive boost in clitoral stimulation.

Finger Vibrators:

Can be worn by you or a partner, making it easy to provide pinpoint stimulation anywhere you desire. Great for on the go orgasms too!

Egg Vibrators:

These vibrators are designed to be inserted vaginally and provide deep, penetrating waves of pleasure from your core. The also help build your Kegel muscles which will “train” your vagina to provide a tighter grip and more intense orgasm.

Rechargeable Vibrators:

Really the only way to go now-a-days. Were living in the 21st century ladies! Not worth the headache, frustration, and money to invest in a battery-operated vibrator. They are extremely unreliable, not waterproof, and never last long. Go with a simple USB-rechargeable vibrator to eliminate the frustration that comes along with battery operated vibrators.

Waterproof Vibrators:

Are necessary for two main reasons. The first is clean up. It’s much easier to clean after use if you can just rinse with warm water and soap. The second is if you plan to use your vibrator in the shower, bathtub, pool or hot tub.

Small Vibrators

Great for travel and orgasms on the go! Throw your vibe in a purse, suitcase, or handbag and take it with you anywhere. Want to try public play, traveling for vacation or work, want something non-intrusive during sex with a partner? All great reasons to go with a smaller vibe.

Powerful Vibrators

Are you a power queen like myself? Do you need deep penetrating vibrations for long and extended orgasms? Its not easy for me to climax from light “buzzing” vibration. Let the deep rumbling sensation overwhelm your entire body. Check out the 10 most powerful vibrators of all time!

Quiet Vibrators

Perhaps you have kids, a roommate, thin walls, or find noise to be intrusive during your most intimate times. There are a lot of reasons you might want to remain silent. All diskret vibrators are under 50dB during use, which is good, but some are nearly silent during use. Look for “whisper quiet” in the features list!

Best way To Use A Diskret Vibrator:

Now that you have your Diskret vibrator, you’re probably wondering what the best way to use it. While each type of vibrator is designed for it’s own unique use, there are some common “rules of thumb” to go by.

Follow these for the most orgasmic experience you’ve ever had!


Step #1 Build The Anticipation

For the most pleasure possible I recommend building some anticipation before you rip your vibrator out and immediately go to penetration. While I know how hard it can be to resist; imagine in great detail how you plant to use it. What are you going to try first? Are you going to use it with some? Are you going to take it in the bathtub? Where are you going to caress yourself? What type of lube do you plan to use? Imagine it all first, let your body get worked up. You will be extremely turned on before advancing to step #2!

Step #2 R.E.L.A.X

Its an important step in the process and one not to be overlooked. You should relax your body and mind before using your new vibrator. Only you know what helps yourself relax the best. It could be anything such as soft music, glass of wine, lite the fireplace, dimming the lights, lite candles, a warm bath, breathing techniques. Make sure you feel safe and secure. Its hard to orgasm if you’re worried about a roommate or kids popping through your door at any moment!

Step #3 Foreplay

Tease yourself! Before you use your vibrator, build the anticipation and foreplay through teasing your mind and body. For some that might be watching a dirty film or romantic movie. Try caressing your body with the vibrator everywhere you find sensual. Start with your fingers and work yourself up before even using the vibrator. Use your imagination and take your time. The most intense and lengthy orgasm of your life isn’t going to come from a 3 second vibrator experience (although those have their time and place too).


Step #4 Use Lube

Please don’t forget the lube! It’s such a simple and easy task to throw a dab of lube on the vibrator or yourself before you start. My rule of thumb is use a water-based lube on all silicone sex toys. It doesn’t damage the sex toy and washes off sheets and clothing easily. The oil-based lubes are useful for water sex as they last longer in a watery environment, but they can break down the surface of a silicone sex toy. So, know what your sex toy is safe to use with. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Step #5 Take Your Time

A “quickie” has its time and place. Maybe you’re somewhere semi-public, or only have a few minutes until an appointment. They work for a quick orgasm and reliving stress or sexual tension. However, the best orgasms are usually ones that you take your time with. Don’t rush things, remain relaxed, set the mood, use lube, and enjoy the experience! Take the time to fully focus on the pleasure your new vibrator provides!


Step #6 Introduce Your Partner

It’s not for everyone and that’s okay. Some enjoy vibrators for solo masturbation and like to keep it that way… No problem. But Diskret would like anyone open to the possibility of using a vibrator with a partner know; it can be a life-altering experience! Variety and pleasure is the spice of life! Communicate with your partner if they would be open to it. Leaving both you and your partner sexually satisfied each and every time is our top priority!

Have a question on a particular vibrator? Have questions on how to use your vibrator or any of it features? Don’t hesitate to contact us here. We will respond with in 24 hours!