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Water Sex!


By: Jane Jett DiskretAdultLife, Oct. 18th, 2018

If you are anything like me then you probably love to have wild uninhibited sex out doors, and nothing is quit as accelerating as sex in open waters. Yes, ladies and gentlemen water sex in the ocean, lake, pool, hot tub and or even your shower/tub. The pros of having water sex is that it’s already an erotic sensation to your body, and perhaps it’s exciting that somebody out there might get a glimpse of you and your partner making love. The cons are, well let’s be honest, the water sex might be unsanitary, sand might stick to your entire body and if you don’t wash of immediately, you might get a U.T.I (urinary yeast infection or a yeast infection). So, how can we stay safe when indulging in water sex?

water sex

Let’s dive into water sex:

Safe Sex is the best sex, condoms and lubrication is a must when having water sex with your lover. Condoms are great at preventing pregnancy and STDs, they may be somewhat risky to use while having water sex in pools, hot tubs, and other types of water though. Keep in mind that condoms can break from decreased lubrication, and may become weakened from heat, chlorine, or oil-based substances in the water. There is also the added threat that the condom can slip off if water gets into it, and your lover might not even notice that this happened.

Few quick tips:

  • Ensure your lover puts the condom on prior to jumping into water sex
  • Keep the condom away from heat, sand, choline and body oils
  • Utilize silicon based lubrication 
  • Use female condoms…they might be the safest way to keeping you both safe from UTI’s & STD’s

Open Water Sex:

Weather by ocean or lake, as a common curtesy, bring a few towels, an extra pair of clothes and a floaty raft where your partner might lie on for some oral delight or just sharing passionate, wet kisses with your lover to set the mood. If you are both exhibistiones and are up for sexual activity, I highly recommend you find a nude beach, or partake in water sex at late hours when children are not at bay. After completing the deed, you and your lover should rinse of as to avoid any infections.

water sex vibrator

Water Sex at the Bay:

So you decide to have sex in the pool/ hot tub again I can’t stress enough to never place your condoms close to hot water, or put it on while you’re in the pool. Intercourse is difficult underwater, the chlorinated water rushing in and out of your lover’s ‘lady parts’ can cause damage and infection. Instead, I recommend you start with foreplay in these arena. Get creative with your partner and partake in fun, manual pleasure, like seducing your lover with a hand job. Begin by massaging each others bodies slowly, allowing room for those hands to explore each other’s sensual, juicy parts. If the mood gets too hot, have your lover step out of the water and place his condom on and enjoy orgasmic ecstasy water sex.

Shower Water Sex:

Now we’re talking comfort, less worries and a more controlled environment. It may seem like common sense, but do some prep-work by tidying up the bathroom and giving the shower a quick scrub. Consider lighting some scented candles to set the mood, and maybe play some soft music. You might want to put a non-slip mat or towel down on the shower floor for safety, and also as cushioning for your knees and butt. Spoil each other with a sensual, soapy loofah massage to relax, and as part of foreplay. The shower is a cozy, intimate setting for you to explore each other’s bodies from different angles than usual. Play with each other in new and exciting wet-ways. Make sure that you rinse all of the lathered soap away before you get down to business though, or else you will both be slipping all over the place. Experiment with different heat and water pressure settings until you find the setting that’s right for both of you. Angle the shower head so that both parties are receiving warm water. It’s no good if one person is left out in the cold with their ass pressed up against the glass.

What’s important is that you both have a fun and pleasurable experience.

Water sex is a highly erotic act that makes you feel very close to your partner If things are just not clicking on your first attempt at water sex, there’s always next time. Do what works best for you and your lover, and remember, practice makes perfect.

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