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Waterproof Vibrators: They Can Get As Wet As You Are!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (Waterproof Vibrators)

womanizer duo bath


Who doesn’t love fooling around in the water?

One of the most relaxing things for me is a warm bubble bath, my favorite waterproof vibrator, and a glass of red wine.

It will melt the daily stress away in a heartbeat!

But if you want the water to ripple waves of pleasure through your body, that vibrator requires a battery. Everyone knows electricity and water don’t mix so well.

You might want your water sex or masturbation session to be shocking but trust me… you don’t want it to be shocking (literally).

So, to get around injuring yourself and destroying your favorite vibrator, you need to make sure it has the feature of being waterproof.

Not all vibrators are waterproof and there are different specifications around how long it can be in the water, and at what depth it can be.

Let me show you the best waterproof vibrators and their true capabilities.


Water Sex: Experience Something Better


Water sex can be hot… Extremely hot!

A new fun environment that allows for unique pleasure. But one of the easiest ways to get off in the water is by bringing your trusty waterproof vibrator along!

After all… Nobody likes to swim alone!

There are a lot of different ways to pleasure yourself or others in the water.

To start brainstorming all the amazing ways you can use your new waterproof vibrator; here are some personal experiences along with customers stories I thought were amazing:


  • Pool Sex:

water couple

If you have a pool or know someone with a pool; the sex can be amazing. Whether you’re fooling around with a partner, or solo catching some rays… The pool is a great environment for relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Don’t forget your trusty waterproof vibrator to use on yourself or let a partner use on you!

When with a partner, I enjoy a small waterproof vibrator. The waterproof finger vibrators seem to work best. Since the sex positions can be a bit awkward, its nice to have a easy to use vibrator attached right to your fingers!

Bringing that clitoral stimulation, I desire even when in the pool.

But if you’re solo, floating about and catching some rays. Use whatever size waterproof vibrator you wish.

Since I’m a powerqueen, I typically bring out a large waterproof vibrator that can get some serious waves rumbling throughout my pool.

One of my customers told me a story at a sex expo show I’ll never forget…

Her boyfriend and her didn’t own a pool… But that didn’t stop them from hopping the fence at the neighbors down the street!

They fooled around in a pool that wasn’t even theirs and brought the Digit waterproof vibrator with them! Haha!

While this is totally illegal and I can’t recommend you do it, I thought it was a great story that mixed the risk of public play while having sex in a pool!


  • Hot Tub Sex:

water sex

I’ll never forget it…

I was in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado at a rental property for a week. Out back I had my own personal hot tub that overlooked a huge mountain range. I swear it was like something you see in the movies!

Being in the business as long as I’ve been, I never travel without at least one waterproof vibrator.

So, as you can imagine I would wake up and brew my fresh pot of coffee. Take my waterproof vibrator and coffee out to my hot tub, and fire up the jets.

hot tub

The rest is history… I climaxed every morning while feeling impressed in nature and warm water.

One morning it was snowing out, and that sure as hell didn’t stop me from my morning routine! That was one of those “out of body” orgasms with the snow falling on my face and the jets rumbling on my back while my waterproof vibrator was rumbling on my clit!


  • Natural Hot Springs:

waterproof vibrators

Sounds strange depending where you’re from. But all over the US there are natural hot springs.

I frequently visit Colorado and they have natural hot springs throughout the foothills of the Rockies.

These hot springs range anywhere from 85 degrees up to 104 degrees.

For a small fee you can enjoy a personal hot spring in a spa like environment.

While I consider myself a risk taker, perhaps less now than back when I was in my 20’s I do not have the courage to bring a vibrator into a public place where you share the hot spring with others. For one, it’s just wrong to use one sitting next to a stranger, and two I don’t feel like being arrested for public nudity.

But I have a trick up my sleeve… Or should I say my vagina.

While in the changing room, I discreetly lube up and insert a vibrating waterproof vibrator such as an egg or ben wa balls.

I then slide my suit up and go enjoy the natural hot springs! Totally public place but I find small sanctuary off in a small hot spring alone or in the corner and enjoy my vibes in peace!


  • Bathtub Masturbation:

water sex

While in the privacy of your own home, the options really open up to use whatever waterproof vibrator you wish.

I enjoy a large powerful waterproof wand in my tub. The vibe power is intense and being in the water seems to amplify it in a unique way.

My favorite is drawing a nice warm bubble bath, a glass of red wine, a candle lit, and my waterproof vibrator.

Nothing can melt that “daily grind” stress away faster!


  • Shower Sex:

shower couple

Great for a solo quick masturbation while your cleaning yourself, or with a partner.

Either way, shower sex is hot and there is no reason you should go into it with just your hand. Bring a small convenient waterproof vibrator in with you.

You will most likely want an oil-based lube to keep it from washing away.

Pro tip: Throw a grip mat down if you plan to try any crazy positions or going in with a partner. Slipping while vibing is never fun!


  • Jacuzzi Fun:

waterproof vibrators

Next hotel stay fork up a little extra for a room with the Jacuzzi. Typically its not much more than your standard rooms and it can be super relaxing to touch yourself in one.

Whats the big deal about a Jacuzzi? Its like a indoor hot tub! You get all the jets plus the bubbles like in a bathtub.

Aim those jets in unique places to really enhance your experience. I like using an insertable vibrator or dildo while the jets blast me for clitoral stimulation.

Positioning can be a bit awkward but who cares when it feels this good?!


  • In The Rain:

kiss in rain

Just like in the romantic movies!

I must admit, I haven’t done it myself but heard a story about a customer who enjoyed an outdoor exploration with their partner in the rain.

Sounds hot?

Just make sure the vibrator you pack is waterproof!


  • Ocean Pleasure:

ocean couple

If you plan to use your vibrator near the ocean or beach, make sure its sealed tight. You don’t want sand or salt getting in it.

Only waterproof vibrators will provide the protection you need to vibe away on your towel or in the water.


  • At The Beach:

sex on the beach

Taking “nude beach” to a whole new level I see?

Keep the sand out and away from the vibrator. Use lube since laying in the sun all day can really dehydrate the best of us.

Lastly, if you’re in a semi-public place, use a towel to cover up some. Unless you like the risk of getting arrested!

However, an intimate moment as the sun sets on the horizon is one of the most magical times and places I’ve done it…


  • Lube Is My Friend

oil based lube, lube for men

Repeat after me “Lube is My Friend”.

With any type of water sex, you’ll want to keep the waterproof vibrator nice and lubed up. The water doesn’t act as a lubricant, not like I hoped anyway…

The water can cause the silicone material to stick and drag. Never a pleasurable moment for anyone.

 I highly recommend an oil-based lube for in the water. It will last much longer, since oil and water don’t mix.

Especially if you plan to fully insert the waterproof vibrator.


  • Clean Up W/ Ease:

waterproof vibrators

One the biggest benefits when it comes to a waterproof vibrator is for the simple fact of cleaning it after use.

If you don’t plan to use it during water sex, you will need to clean your vibrator after you insert and touch your genitals.

Not washing your sex toys can lead to bacterial infections and viruses. Nobody wants to get sick from not practicing basic hygiene!

If your vibrator is not waterproof, you need to spend 10-15 minutes meticulously scrubbing out all the crevice’s of your toy. You’ll need special sex toy cleaner, and really never have that “peace of mind” that its completely clean.

With waterproof vibrators you can soak them or run them under warm water and use an antibacterial soap.

It literally takes 1 minute of clean up after hours of pleasure. Not a bad trade off!

I’ve had a couple vibrators that weren’t waterproof, I end up not using them or using something else because I don’t want to deal with the mess and time it takes to clean them afterwards.


Waterproof vibrators Vs. Splash proof Vibrators:

hot tub couple

Yes, there is a difference.

Splash proof gives you the benefit of being able to wash your vibrator after use. No more hassle of scrubbing every ripple, pocket, bump, and craves… Just run it under warm water and soap to clean when you’re done.

You can take splash proof vibrators in the shower, but they are not submersible. So, keep them out of the bathtub or pool.

Waterproof vibrators are splash proof and submersible. Have no fear of dropping it in the water, using it in the pool or tub, and some are even okay to throw in the dishwasher!

Main thing is really to read the manual if you have questions. Some waterproof vibrators are only good up to certain depths, and some are not dishwasher friendly.

It all depends on what the vibrator was rated for…


 Waterproof ratings:


Contrary to belief, just because a vibrator says it is waterproof, doesn’t mean it cant be damaged underwater.

Most commonly waterproof vibrators are rated IP67 or IP69.

Without getting to “nerdy” like I am known for doing. Here is what you need to known:

In the manual of a waterproof vibrator it will state the rating. Sometimes a description is provided for the rating like (3 feet for up to 30 mins). Other times your left in the weeds.

Look in the manual first, it will give the rating but not always the description.

If it is IP67 it is submersible up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. The IP69 can even deeper and last much longer, well beyond what you would ever need it for (unless you plan to dive to the bottom of the ocean for peaceful masturbation sessions).

Here is a simple guide for the IP ratings:

waterproof rating


waterproof rating

The Best Waterproof Vibrators Of All Time!

hot tub couple

Wow, this was no easy task…

Most high-end vibrators offer some type of water resistance. So, I got to pick from the cream of the crop.

Here’s what I can promise you, these vibrators are the best in their class and offer the most orgasmic, body-shakin pleasure you’ve ever experienced.

They are rated the best in the industry for a reason; tons of women have enjoyed exotic water adventures with these vibrators.

However, even when not used for a midnight skinny dippin’ session. These are just the most convenient  vibrators to clean! Save the headache and lost time cleaning by just rinsing these under warm water and soap!

Life just got a whole lot easier!


Best Waterproof Vibrators:


womanizer duo shower

Waterproof Rating:


The Brand new Womanizer Duo is unlike any vibrator you’ve ever used. This unique design yields the strongest, longest lasting orgasm known to women.

How’s it work?

The Duo combines mind blowing pleasure air technology with a vibrating curved shaft for g-spot stimulation… All at the same time.

Pleasure air was invented by Womanizer and this technology became a game-changer for women all over the world. Using pulsating suction power the tip of the Duo encompasses your entire clit and stimulates you down to the roots.

Unlike most clitoral vibrators that only stimulate the “tip of the ice burg” the pleasure air you will feel down to the core of your clit.

Making it an instant global best seller; giving millions of women around the world the most intense clitoral climax of their life.

But how could they make it even better?

By adding a powerful vibrating shaft that is inserted along with the tip you can now receive g-spot sensations along with the clitoral stimulation.

Mind= Blown!

This offers a unique design that gives you better masturbation sensations than you could ever achieve from any other “standard vibrator”.

Only offered at select high end retailers like Diskret, Check it out now by clicking here!


Bi Stronic Fusion Fun Factory

Waterproof Rating:


Want a vibrator from the future?

This earth-shattering vibrator is not from this plant… The Bi Stronic Fusion offers so much more than your typical vibrator.

Instead of your average “vibe on” or “vibe off” feature. The Bi Stronic Fusion takes things to a whole new level.

It has the ability to vibrate yes, but it can also flutter, thrust, and pulsate!

Making it the most versatile vibrator on the market.

Enjoy over 64 different pulsating sensations combined or independently, so you will never get bored of your vibrator and experience a different orgasm every single time!

This high-quality medical grade silicone has a velvety feel to the touch, with just a dab of lube experience the penetration you’ve always desired. Very realistic to actual penis penetration.

They do sell quick, so click here and add it to your cart to reserve one immediately.



Waterproof Rating:


Are you into temperature play?

I must admit, at first I was leery… How can a vibrator that heats up change my pleasure or orgasm?

 Let me tell you, it makes a HUGE difference!

The Rianne S Xena is a quality vibrator that has the ability to heat up and cool back down to room temp.

When the warmth is coursing through your body stemming from your g-spot and clitoris… It’s an incredible sensation to climax with!

So, I continued to pursue these styles of vibrators, something that offered blended stimulation with a heating function.

Unfortunately, they are extremely rare! One other company made one and it went out of business because the quality was simply not there.

Well Rianne has been around for years and continue to pump the highest quality vibrators with the coolest (or should I say hottest) features available.

This rare heating function is even harder to find in a waterproof vibrator! Yea wash it or shower with it, the hot climaxes just keep coming!

Currently we only have 2 left in stock so click here to reserve yours on sale now!


iconic rabbit 2, vibrators

Waterproof Rating:


We touched on some really unique and fancy vibrators above. But for some beginners we just love going back to the basics.

Well here you have it; the most selling vibrator of all time (rabbit vibrator) but upgraded with some modern-day features like digital controls and being waterproof.

Its back to basics on this one. Blended orgasms from “rabbit ears” that stimulate the clit with a slightly curved long shaft for g-spot stimulation.

The fullness and slight ribs along the way give you everything you dreamed of and more.

The best part?

Take it in the tub, shower, or pool and feel the rippling vibes give you a new unique sensation underwater! Yea, orgasming underwater is possible, and everyone should try it at least once!

Great for beginners, this vibrator gives you all the pleasure without the insane features. Which is easier on your wallet too!

Check the Iconic Rabbit 2.0 out by clicking here


Best Waterproof Butt Plugs:


gplug twist noir feathers

Waterproof Rating:


Ever gone swimming with a butt plug in?

Sounded a little strange to me at first, until I tried it. No, I’m not talking about swimming laps here…

Slide the twisted Noir in, set the vibration pattern and intentsity you want, then slip into the hot tub for an orgasmic mental “get-away”.

Focus on the anal pleasure as your stress from work, life, or finances melt away into the abyss.

It was hot… both literally and sexually.

Focusing on the pleasure and some pre-stimulation I was able to climax this way and it was one for the record books! I got out of the hot tub with the most relaxed body and mind I’ve felt in a very long time.

Since I don’t own a hot tub, I replicate this all the time in my bathtub, and it works just as well.

So, if you’re interested in anal play in the pool, check out the Twisted Noir By clicking here!


prostate massager waterproof

Waterproof Rating:


The Je Joue NUO is another very high-quality vibrating butt plug that is also waterproof.

Which makes it great for relaxing pleasure in the bathtub, or steamy foreplay in the pool.

Mess around with your partner in the watery environment, like a steamy shower or the hot tub. But this time take the NUO in with you!

Receive deep penetrating vibes through your entre body that all stem from your core.

Anal orgasms will roll over you in waves one after another.

The best part about it?

Change the vibe patterns, modes, and intensities all with your phone. I wrap my phone in a towel next to the tub and swipe whenever I want something new. No more taking the butt plug out and adjusting setting to slide it back in!

Check out the NUO now! Click here to reserve yours, current stock holding: 3


Best Waterproof Anal Beads:


sex toys for men

Waterproof Rating:

IPX5 (Splash proof & shower proof)

The B-Vibe Cinco is not your average anal bead. I also don’t recommend it for beginners unless your rather ambitious. The B-Vibe is slightly larger than your average anal beads.

However, if you want the best the B-Vibe Cinco is exactly that!

It has a truck load of features include the waterproof capabilities.

Take it in the shower for a new style of anal foreplay! Sliding the beads in and out whenever you desire a boost in pleasure.

That makes these anal beads great for “edge play”. Hover on the edge of an anal orgasm for minutes before you decide to spill over into a euphoric state of mind!

It’s a “out of body” experience you can only get from quality anal beads like this.

Click here to check out the B-Vibe Cinco for less.


triple rabbit

Waterproof Rating:


It looks a little scary and overwhelming… I felt the same way.

But you only live once, and why not try to maximize as much pleasure as possible. The Happy Rabbit Triple Curve is intense as any vibrator can get.

Not 1… Not 2… But 3 different forms of stimulation coming all at you at once.


I took this bad boy on and it was one of the craziest orgasms I’ve had. If you give it a whirl I highly suggest you start with a lot of foreplay and even start with a normal vibrator first.

Get used to the penetration from a standard vibrator then advance to the Triple Curve with inserting the anal beads last.

The pleasure can be overwhelming at first, but if you are worked up enough it can be truly incredible!

Lube is your friend here.. and take things ultra slow.

Start with inserting the shaft and get a good feel for it, then insert the beads. I decided to rock the shaft back and forth keeping the beads inserted for the most part. But how you use it, is completely up to you!

Its waterproof so you can take it where ever you want! The mind-blowing orgasms don’t need to stop in the bedroom, take it in the tub or shower too!

Make sure to get it quick by clicking here! Limited stock available.


Best Waterproof Cock Rings:


we vibe pivot

Waterproof Rating:


If you want to enjoy some water sex with a partner, a cock ring can bring you a whole new experience.

Try something new, like foreplay or penetration underwater, with the additional vibration of a quality waterproof cock ring.

The We-Vibe Pivot is my “go-to” cock ring. I love the way it feels against my clit, plus it makes him super hard (like rock hard!) and allows him to last much longer in bed (or the pool).

The additional constriction a cock ring provides him will retain blood flow to the penis and give him extra intense orgasms.

Plus, every time he thrusts into you, the vibrations stimulate your clit!

A huge boost in pleasure and sensation that brings you two closer together than ever. Great for beginners to advanced users the Pivot is easy to use and brings a huge addition to any water play!

Get the Pivot for less by clicking here and adding it to your cart.


Waterproof Rating:


Give him the pleasure he never thought possible!

The VeDo Roco is not only waterproof but comes with two powerful vibration motors. One that is for your clit during penetration, the other wraps around his sac and stimulates the perineum (a sensitive zone between his sac and anus).

Beyond the vibration rumbling down his shaft and through his perineum, it will keep him rock hard for an extended amount of time.

You can enjoy his vibrating super cock for as long as you desire!

Take it in the shower, pool, or tub because the Roco is built to handle all the conditions you desire.

This is a global best seller and has some of the highest ratings in the industry for cock rings.

It does not disappoint!

Check it out here for less and enjoy the fast shipping options! (Current Stock Qty: 2)

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