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Women: This is How You Should Be Flirting!


By Jane Jett of DiskretAdultLife, Jan. 28th, 2019

Ladies and Gentleman, have you ever been on a what seems like a sexual audition?  Do you believe flirting is the same thing as texting? How about sexting?  The science of flirting is maintaining a balance between attracting through engagement and never seeming too available. If you have ever practiced the “art of flirting,”  then you defiantly know what I am talking about. When a woman purposely flirts with a man she is interested in, she tends to step into character, losing the sneaker-wearing-yoga-pant-loving version of herself and amping up the 7-inch stiletto no panty wearing edition or in some cases vibrating panties.

Moreover, may I emphasize this is not all woman as some woman are comfortable flirting in their yoga pants and non-binding clothing. A goddess on a seduction mission is on a mission (I call her a goddess of seduction), a task to be the funniest, wittiest, and the most mysterious woman she can be. From long stares and batted eyelashes to the dropping of her napkin to show off her great ass, every woman has a different method to their enticing madness. As little girls, our mothers taught us to be ladies. Keep your legs crossed, never utter profanities, and never make the first move. As we have gotten older, we have learned that lots of fun happens when our legs are uncrossed and that all of the rules of being lady-like have changed.


The flirting rules are;  there are no more rules:

Flirting is an innate gift that is a combination of DNA and pheromones. Since we are on the topic of Pheromones so what are they? According to medical news today:  pheromones as behavior-altering agents. Many people do not know that pheromones trigger other behaviors in the animal of the same species, apart from sexual behavior. Hormones usually work internally, and they only have a direct effect on the individual that is secreting them. Pheromones, unlike most other hormones, are ectohormones. They are emitted outside the body, and they influence the behavior of another individual. Now that you understand how our scent attracts members of the opposite or same sex you can always up the art of seduction buy purchasing pheromones infused oils, perfumes, lotions and body mists (bonus tip and trick

In the art of flirting seduction:

We are all aware that some women are more natural at flirting than others maybe. Some woman can pull off a simple smile and wink to be the most heart-melting signal to those that are in the line of fire. Some woman has a coy giggle that doesn’t sound like we are choking on something; it takes practice and talent if it does not come to you naturally. According to our good friends at Cosmo, they suggest “Look – but not too many Experts used to suggest we look – and then look away – three times to get a man’s attention. However, is that too much?

According to the Social Issues Research Centre, maintaining too much eye contact is the most common mistake people make when flirting.” In the end, you have to hope that the guy whose attention you are trying to get is a big surprise and not a little disappointment. However, since there is no way of knowing what lurks beneath their pants, we need the flirt. Some choose to take the upfront approach and deep throat their beer bottle in the middle of the bar while others prefer a more humble approach by giggling and exchanging in playful banter.

While both techniques are likely to attract at least one man in the room, there are a few basic flirting rules every woman should follow. How will he ever suspect you are interested if you look at everyone but him?  Sure, ignoring and showing disinterest is perhaps stimulating to a few men because some gentleman love a challenge, but if you are seriously trying to pick up a man, eye contact is essential. This shows that you not only like what you see but are confident enough to get caught looking. Just like women, men want to feel wanted and what better way to show this than with an appreciative glance his way. There is a fine line between stalking and staring, so tread lightly and make sure you stay positive about your approach.  


Okay; who’s ready for some flirting tips: 

Let him buy you a drink

Okay we get it, you’re independent, make your own money, and trust no one. However, if you’re single and a guy you think is cute is offering to buy you a drink, accept it and say thank you. Sometimes, being flirty means going a little more old fashion; The time where the men made all the money and felt that financially taking care of their woman was paramount. Allow the gentleman to swoon you as well. Also, some of those cocktails can be expensive. If after that drink you still feel inclined to show him how self-sufficient you are, return the favor and buy the next round.

how to have a quickie, wine

Ladies its okay to give him a compliment

Women are always fishing for a compliment and half the time we are given one it goes unnoticed. When it comes to flirting, don’t spend your entire meet and greet searching for praise. Instead, throw some out there yourself. That is what the flirt is about—it is about him getting to like you. What better way to do that than to complement him? However, be careful, there is such a thing as over-complimenting, to the point where you look desperate and clingy.  If he smells and dresses nice, tell him so. If his eyes are a killer blue, let him know. Just try not to make it an item list of all the things you love from his head to his toes. 

Yes, its okay to be playful and soft

Ladies a word of advice stay away from the intense sexual conversations at the getting to know you phase. Part of being flirty is not talking about sex. It is all a part of the build-up. This is the ultimate foreplay. Crack jokes, poke fun at each other and stay away from all religious and political conversations. Even if you both are on the serious side, there is always room and appreciation for a woman with a sense of humor. Light, funny, and flirty—those are the keywords when it comes to being playful.


Ask questions and get to know him

Don’t fake it by asking dull questions started with an overly dramatic gesture that will surely startle him.  Instead, try showing some genuine interest in the topic at hand.  Whether you are discussing movies, his family, or the weather, use your time together to learn more about how he feels. To some men, nothing is sexier than easy conversation. This part of the flirt is all about him. Whatever he is saying, just nod and smile, nod and smile. Whatever he is saying is the essential thing in the world.

 Because we all know that if this works out, he will spend the rest of his life listening to your stories. Make this time all about him and hope he has some stunning eyes to stare into while he is talking about something you that does not captivate your interest. Don’t be boring! If you start to talk about a topic that ends up going nowhere, change it up. Make him understand how interesting you are and how fun and exciting your life is. In other words, make him want to be a part of that life. While you’re talking, say his name a few times. This makes the conversation more personal and will make him comfortable.

Do you love to talk about yourself? Don’t. Instead, ask him questions about his opinions and what he likes. Let him talk about himself, and eventually, you’ll get the opportunity to reciprocate. That being said, make sure to listen to what he’s saying so that you can interject appropriately. When you find out what’s he likes, take an interest and do some research so that you’re more educated on topics he’s likely to bring up. If he enjoys something you have no idea how to do, such as archery, tell him you’re interested in learning – maybe he’ll teach you!

Take the lead and suggest a date idea 

If we are following the old rules of dating, the man is supposed to ask the woman out. This does not always work at least not anymore. If the guy doesn’t ask, does that mean he isn’t interested? Who the hell knows. Modern times call for current measures. What better way to show that you are interested than by suggesting going on a date.

Some guys are dumbstruck and have no idea if a woman is flirting or merely being nice. By offering, “We should check out that new horror flick” after confirming you’re both movie buffs, you leave no room for Mr. Oblivious to miss the mark on how you’re feeling. However, be prepared, if your flirting has gone the way of the cassette tape, he might merely blow you off. If he isn’t that into you, he will probably never be into you, so count your losses and move on to the next one. He wasn’t worth it.


The dirty no –no’s of flirting

Just as there are so many things you can do to show you’re interested, there are also signals you can give – some without even meaning to – that shows you’re not interested. Here are a few:

* Crossing your arms makes you look unapproachable and closed off (if you want something to do with your hands, play with your jewelry or hair a little, but not so much that you seem nervous).

* Don’t “magically appear” next to him every time you spot him alone. This makes you look like a stalker.

* If he says that he has to leave, don’t try to keep him; it will make you seem desperate and clingy.

* If he gives you his number, don’t call or text as soon as he leaves your side. He needs time to miss you. If he doesn’t respond to your first call/text, wait for him to reply before contacting him again.

* Try to avoid lowering your chin/putting your head down. This will make you seem scared.

Ladies overall be yourself, have fun and know that men are equally as lost in the art of seduction as perhaps some woman are, everything we do is an experience and as we continue to live in the land of dating via apps this has opened up a new filed where you can meet many singles who are eager to find their special someone. 

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