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Womens Masturbator: Guaranteed Orgasms!


By Lee & Jessica Owners of DiskretAdultLife, February 13th, 2019

When it comes to a womens masturbator you have various forms of sex toys to choose from. All unique in their very own way… shape, size, color, features, and price. But the most important thing is how the womens masturbator will stimulate you! If you know your body and know what it likes, picking out the best womens masturbator from this list will be easy! If you are a beginner or new to the sex toy industry… no problem! Its time to learn, develop, and understand what your body craves. Masturbation is a learning process that can be fun, exciting, and of course very pleasurable!

Here are the top womens masturbators of 2019. I will break down each toy and why it’s so popular among women. I will include links to find it at the best rate. If you are purchasing it for your partner, its good to know what type of stimulation they enjoy. Weather its vaginal penetration or clitoral stimulation… You should figure this out first before advancing into the sex toy world. The best way to figure this out is simple… Communication! You must communicate with your partner to find what type of stimulation they enjoy best, from here you can pick the most appropriate sex toy for her.

Womens Masturbator 101:

The following list of womens masturbators is broken down by forms of stimulation. These sex toys were picked due to the outstanding ratings, durability, price, features, and reputation. Years of experience in the industry and hundreds of women’s testimonies have shown us, these sex toys are way ahead of the rest. I prefer to be upfront and honest with our Diskret supporters. So here is my little disclaimer; for every hundred women that might find a toy outstanding there is always going to be 1-5 women who its just not for. Everybody type is different, some women like long and wide toys, while some like short and narrow. Knowing the sex toy categories you enjoy, will help narrow the list for you.

You should always be searching for new and more pleasurable sex toys, but over time you will develop your “go-to” toys. These are your favorites that provide a climax nearly every time. Its easy to fall into the rut of well this sex toy works well so I will just use it every…single…time! Don’t fall into this trap, explore your body and find new heights of pleasure!

womans masturbator

Womens Masturbator: Clitoral Stimulation:

Here are the top sex toys for clitoral stimulation. These sex toys are the best in their class and have thousands of high ratings amongst the industry. Understand that in the sex toy industry a lot of the time “you get what you pay for”. Not only are a lot of the cheaper toys not very pleasurable, they may even be made of dangerous material that is not body-safe. You should trust your retailer, do your homework, and know the manufacturing company background. ***All Diskret products are 100% body safe.

Lelo Sona:

womens masturbator

The Lelo Sona is at the top when it comes to clitoral stimulators. When it comes to a womens masturbator it really doesn’t get any better than this! The Sona uses a sonic massager that stimulates 75% more of your clitoris than traditional external sex toy stimulators. How does it work? It uses sonic waves and pulse technology to stimulate the entire clitoris rather than just vibration. It’s a new technology first developed by the Womanizer.

Here’s your quick anatomy lesson for the day. The clitoris is much deeper than the “nub” you see down there. It has roots that go nearly 4 inches inside your body and run along the vaginal cavity. The Sona goes over the external nub and pulses down to the core of these roots. Stimulating your entire clitoris rather than just the external part. This is what makes it the ultimate womens masturbator!

Don’t forget its body-safe, made from silky smooth silicone, 8 different sonic pulse intensities, 100% waterproof, and of course USB rechargeable! What’s not to love?!


womens masturbator

This my new favorite clitoral stimulator. Dame products knocked it out of the ball park with this vibrator! Well actually they knocked it out of the park with EVA l and now they just made that even better. If you’re in need of a womans masturbator that stimulates the clitoris but can also be used during penetrative sex or hands-free this is a must have!

The EVA ll uses two flexible wings that tuck under your labia. Its unique I know, but it works amazingly well to hold the vibrator in place and directly on the clitoris! It’s the first hands free vibrator of its kind! It delivers powerful rumbly vibrations that penetrate your entire body. This brings waves of pleasure one after another. It can be worn during penetrative sex or in the bath tub while you soak your worries away all with long lasting orgasms! It’s slammed full of all the modern-day features one could ask for including USB rechargeable, travel friendly, 3 vibration modes, and single button on top for all the controls.

Womens Masturbator: G-Spot Stimulation:



If you’re looking for the top womens masturbator for g-spot stimulation… look no further! The G-Kii by Je Joue (a world class manufacturer) provides the ultimate experience. It’s your standard curved vibrator, right? Wrong! The G-Kii is built specifically for g-spot stimulation. With a push and hold of the button you can move the G-kii to any curve you’d like and let the button go. The G-kii will then retain this shape until you press the button again to release it. So, if your unique body requires the vibrator at a 103.758 degree angle for g-spot stimulation… no problem!

Not to mention the G-Kii is body-safe, 100% waterproof, 5 speeds, 7 vibration patterns and fully USB rechargeable. Never feel you have that “itch” you just can’t scratch again. Let the G-Kii bring full body orgasms time and time again.


womens masturbator, enigma

While the Enigma is not just for g-spot stimulation it works wonders for both vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. A womans masturbator can deliver more than one form of stimulation. The enigma capitalizes on what’s known as “blended orgasms”. Blended orgasms are rated the best form of stimulation to orgasm from. Blended orgasms last longer… a lot longer, plus they are more intense. To achieve a blended orgasm you require more than one form of stimulation at a time.

The Enigma provides this because while penetrating vaginally it has a powerful external clitoral massager that works wonders on your clit. This simultaneous stimulation will have your eyes rolling from pleasure! The g-spot curved shaft hits all the right spots; with its high intensity dual velocity motors. This is one of the most powerful vibrators I’ve ever experienced. Only one comparable I’ve seen is the Tango by We-Vibe.

Womens Masturbator: Anal Stimulation:

When it comes to anal stimulation, I really classify everything into two main categories butt plugs and anal beads. In one form or another most anal sex toys land in one of these categories. Butt plugs are designed to be used in a slightly different manor than anal beads. Butt plugs are typically inserted and stay in during solo masturbation or penetrative sex. Anal beads on the other hand are typically inserted and removed continually to provide added stimulation.

The Njoy Pure Plug:

butt plug, njoy

When it comes to the best womens masturbator for butt plugs I typically always fall back on the Njoy Plug. Nothing can compare to the sleek and sexy design along with maximum anal pleasure. The Njoy Plug is made from 100% stainless steel. This keeps it ultra body safe and easy to clean. With just a dab of lube you can experience a zero-friction insertion. The oval handle always sits comfortably between the cheeks and the slight curve in the tapered neck adds some pressure to the pleasure zones.

I really enjoy using it for blended orgasms. Simply slide it in for anal play and then pull out a womens masturbator toy listed above to use on your front side. The pleasure can be intense and if you’re not used to sex toys I highly suggest working your way up to something like this.

 The B-Vibe Cinco:

B-Vibe, Cinco, anal beads

These anal beads are a must have for any women interested in anal play. Perfect for beginners to advanced users, these beads start small in size and gradually get larger. Perfect for easing into more and more pleasure. The soft, seamless silicone beads have three powerful motors! With 6 vibration levels and 15 vibration patterns you can find the best settings for your anal desires! It also comes with a remote control so no more reaching around and fumbling with the controls on your anal beads. Just a click of the button will change the settings. Don’t forget the B-Vibe Cinco is splash proof and comes with a travel lock. I have yet to find a womens masturbator that reaches this degree of flexibility, durability, and pleasure.

Womens Masturbator: Ben-Wa-Ball Stimulation:

Ben-Wa Balls are really the last main form of stimulation when it comes to a womens masturbator. Ben-Wa-Balls often get a bad reputation among women… and here’s why. Sex toy retailers who just look to sell these products don’t care how they sell them; as long as they get someone to buy it, they’re happy.

Round 2 of Diskret’s disclamer: These retailers give false information and have really put a black cloud over ben-wa-balls. Ben-wa-balls are not used to give quick, intense, powerful orgasms. Not only this, but 50 shades of gray don’t properly portray them either…

So, what the heck are they? Why would I use one? Ben-Wa-Balls are a form of foreplay. They are used to build the anticipation, and get you hot and ready. Can you experience an orgasm from them, yes but it takes time, experience, and a complete understanding of your own body. So, a lot of women purchase them expecting explosive orgasms and it just doesn’t produce so they give it bad review.

The proper way to use them is by using a bit of lube and inserting them some time before you plan on having penetrative sex or masturbating. Walk around with them in, flex your hips, do yoga, sit in a rocking chair, or even just go about your daily household tasks with them in. Each movement of your hips will give you slight bits of pleasure. Just a reminder they are there and building the anticipation is all you need. By the time you hop in bed you’ll be so turned on you wont even know what to do with yourself! Use this womens masturbator as the ultimate form of foreplay!

Yoni Egg:

yoni egg, womans masturbator

For pleasurable ben-wa-balls I highly recommend the Yoni Egg, you can use a single egg or purchase two for more pleasure. When they clink together, they send light pleasurable vibes throughout your body. Teasing you in all the right ways; these are hand polished from crystal stone. They are a jewel to the eyes and body. These are the perfectly shaped womens masturbator balls! You can even wear them out in public; if you dare!

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