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Your All-in-One Guide of Ben Wa Balls – Ready for Some Girls Fun?

Ben Wa Balls: Ready for Some Girls Fun? 


Here is your delightfully simple source for fun – Ben Wa Balls. Remember them from Fifty Shades of Gray?


Ben Wa Balls (also known as Kegal) are small balls worn inside your vagina. They come in sets of two or three, and each ball contains a little weight that, when you move, causes a small vibration that awakens and stimulates the vaginal walls.


What do you use these balls for? 


Since ancient times, vaginal and pelvic floor muscles have been strengthened by using Ben Wa Balls. These little weighted balls are available in a range of weights and sizes to make it simple for you to easily contract and release certain muscles. 


A tight pelvic muscles can help intensify orgasm, increase sexual desire, and increase natural vaginal lubrication. It also helps reduce any unwanted leakage, especially after childbirth. 


But they can do more, just on their own…


Ben Wa Balls are best recognized for increasing sexual pleasure because they feel amazing. 


Here are some tricks: 


Place the balls inside vagina, then use a vibrator to massage your clitoris, or continually squeezing these balls internally as your partner gives you oral sex. Even try this: pulling the balls out while orgasming. You will experience the best orgasm ever. 


Even for someone who wants to play anal, Ben Wa Balls add maximizing pleasure. Put these balls in your vagina as your spouse uses a toy, finger, or penis to penetrate your anus. This will force the balls against the interior region of your clitoris. 


So, what’s the wait, when you can have more fun, solo or with partner? 


Here are great products we have selected. 

G Balls 2 – $99.99

The G Balls 2 is cute and pink. Even better, it vibrates. It has a small diameter 1.22” (31mm) – very friendly for beginners – and runs 4 hours for each charge using USB, so you never worry about the fun dying! 


Use this toy for foreplay, masturbation, or partner sex. 


But its usage goes beyond just that. 


Ever want to have some fun while getting some things done around the house? Try inserting the G Balls 2 while folding laundry, doing dishes, showering, or cleaning the house. You’ll discover that some multitasking really fun up the chores. 


Try also when you take a bath. The G Balls 2 is 100% waterproof and body-safe, so you don’t need to worry. Nothing is more relaxing than sliding back into the warm bubbly water and receiving some internal vibrations that pulsate through your body. If you want to change the vibration pattern, simply use the app – yes, this toy has a voice-guided app that makes everything easy! 


If you want to work out your kegel muscles, the app offers 6 training courses. The app also tracks your daily progress, a fun and creative way to tighten your pelvic floor. 


Luna Beads Noir – $59.99

This toy is sleek and luxurious-feeling. As all our toys, it’s 100% body-safe. 


The best part of Luna Beads Noir is its flexibility and size. These beads have a diameter of 29mm for a comfortable and perfect fit for everyone. They can be worn one or two at a time with the inclusion of a soft silicone harness that allows you to choose your own unique pleasure.


Wear these beads for your solo girl pleasure, and discover what Ben Wa Balls can do for you. Or, wear them on a date with your sex partner, feeling the balls making subtle vibrations and enhancing your pleasure to the unimaginable level. 


Kegelbell – $99.99

These kegel balls are the real materials. They are designed under the guidance of the top female urologists and OBGYNs. 


Call them ‘a gym for your vagina’. 


The Kegelbell is created to strengthen the pelvic floor and take back control of your sex life! It has a soft silicone insert with a string attached, for you to hang weights externally. 


Strong vaginal muscles will increase your sex drive, stop natural leakage that occurs over time, and increase the intensity of your orgasms! 


The set comes with three weights: 30g, 60g, and 120g to help you customize your vaginal exercises. The silicone balls come in two sizes, 30mm/30g or 35mm/40g, to best fit each person. 


Try the large ball first with the lightest weight. If it’s easy, slowly move yourself up in weight. If you can stack all 3 weights on with the large ball and don’t feel you have to strain your Kegel muscles to keep them in, then move down to the smaller ball.

To start, use the Kegelbell for 5 minutes per day, and 3 days per week for two weeks. We guarantee you will see results after these two weeks! A lot of women even track their progress as they move up in weight. Same as a workout at the gym!


If you are a beginner, try some lube before inserting the balls. But not too much, because too much lube will make the balls difficult to hold. 

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