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Thunder Beads!


By Lee & Jessi, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, August 23rd, 2018

We hear it all the time, what are thunder beads? How do you use thunder beads? What are the benefits and risks associated with thunder beads? Let us guide you through all you need to know about the pleasurable sex toys known as thunder beads.

In this guide we will explain exactly how to use these sex toys to deliver the most pleasure. We all seek new and exciting ways to ramp up the pleasure in the bedroom. Weather masturbating by yourself, or with a partner, let thunder beads heat things up in a new and exciting way.

Anal play is becoming more popular throughout America and the simple reason is people are starting to realize just how pleasurable it can be. It used to be forbidden and taboo to talk about anal play, anal sex, and especially anal sex toys! In recent years the doors blocking anal play have not only been opened but blown off the hinges! Gay couples, straight couples, gay women, and straight men it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone is enjoying the new phenomenon of anal play and anal sex toys.

History of Thunder Beads:

Thunder beads have been around since Ancient Greek times. Images of the Greeks using anal sex toys and thunder beads are depicted on all sorts of clay pottery they painted. Thunder beads were also popular in South America when pottery between 100AD and 800AD were unearthed in Peru showing individuals using them on each other.

Nobody is exactly sure when thunder beads came into play. But if all the ancient Greeks were obsessed with anal play, its safe to say they were around long before America was founded.

What are Thunder Beads?

Thunder beads are a sex toy used for anal play. They usually consist of round spheres attached to each other by a string or stiff mid-section. The spheres usually start small and gradually get larger in size from one end to the other. As you insert these and remove these from the anus they provide the user intense pleasure.

Thunder beads are similar to butt plugs but are used with more thrusting type motion to stimulate the anus verse a butt plug which is typically inserted and left.long black thunder beads, anal beads

Thunder beads are not gender specific. So, if you see male thunder bead or female thunder bead it is false advertising. The only thing that would set them apart would be the color. A matter of fact both the male and female anus are identical in biology, so the same sex toy can be used on either. Remember if you plan to use thunder beads or butt plugs on both you and your partner, it is an absolute must to wash between. The bacteria in your body is specific to you, if you mix bacteria it can induce a virus or get each other sick. If you must share the same anal sex toy, you can switch using a condom over it, but I highly recommend a good cleaning instead.

Types of Thunder Beads:

There are many different types of thunder beads on the market. However, majority of all thunder beads have the same geometry. They all use round or ellipse shaped spheres. Some type of string to connect them or are made from a single molded unit.

Not all thunder beads are flexible, but some are hanging from a string while others are stiff wood. You have a wide variety of flexibility in between these two extreme ranges.

All thunder beads will have a large ring or stopper at the end after the largest bead. This stopper is very critical, as the anus does not have a natural blocker like the vagina. An anal bead or thunder bead can get “lost” inside the anus, this is not possible with vaginal penetration.

This stopper can also be used to help pull the thunder beads out when you are thrusting them in and out for pleasure, or when you are completely done with them.

Thunder Bead Material:

Thunder beads are made of various types of material. Each material will have its own unique feeling while enjoying the anal play.

  • 100% Stainless-Steel Thunder Beads:

Thunder beads made from stainless steel are usually high class and also the safest from a hygiene perspective. Stainless steel has very minimal micro pores for bacteria to build up in and on the surface. Plus, they can just be thrown in the dishwasher. Check out the Njoy Fun Wand which consist of a stainless-steel dildo on one end and thunder beads on the other end.

  • Glass Thunder Beads:

Glass Thunder beads are slightly higher quality than silicone in most cases. These are usually hand blown and offer a unique feeling that silicone can’t provide. Glass similar to stainless-steel are non-porous in nature and allow for quick and easy disinfecting. The glass thunder beads don’t take a lot of dexterity to use because they are stiff. Once you become more experienced in thunder beads you can take on the flimsy silicone beads or beads that use a string.

  • Silicone Thunder Beads:

Silicone thunder beads tend to be of lower quality and lower cost. This is due to the easy manufacturing and cost of materials they can be made cheap. I wouldn’t suggest the silicone thunder beads unless its offered by a trusted manufacturing company, as many can be low grade silicone that can react with silica-based lubes. Trusted manufacturing companies like lelo, jimmyjane, njoy, B-Vibe, and chrystalino you can always depend on to deliver high quality silicone sex toys.

What Do Thunder Beads Feel Like?

        Think of thunder beads like ben wa balls. They do not bring a constant surge of pleasure, but more so waves of pleasure as you pull and push the beads in and out. These are a slow teasing way to build pleasure for the ultimate orgasm. Thunder Beads are not like your vibrators that bring pleasure fast and furious.

Majority of the pleasure from thunder beads come from being inserted and removed across two ringed anus muscles. These can bring high waves of pleasure as each bead slides over the rings, if you’re not feeling the “fullness” you desire, keep moving up in bead diameter.

Some thunder beads are made for beginners with smaller diameter beads, if your used to anal play, anal sex, and butt plugs you may want to start with a more intermediate or advanced set of thunder beads. You can work these into your daily sex life to increase sex for both you and your partner. They are an amazing way to have penetration sex while stimulating the anus as well.

How to Use Thunder Beads:

There are a couple great ways to maximize your thunder bead pleasure. The first is to use it during solo play. During masturbation use the thunder beads while stimulating the penis or vagina at the same time. This doubles the fun and doubles the pleasure. If you have a partner who takes interest in sex toys and anal play, use the thunder beads to warm them up before sex. You can also use the thunder beads during sex to really stimulate all your thunder beads, fun factory, anal beads

Just make sure before using them on your partner, that you discuss and communicate to them what thunder beads are. It is also imperative you keep communication open during sex with the beads so if you start going to fast, to slow, or to rough they can explain that to you.

Make sure you know your body and understand the thunder beads before using them. If you have never participated in anal play that’s okay but follow these steps before you use your thunder beads.

  • Clean the anus

The first step to using thunder beads is making sure your anus is clean. You can douche the anus or take a warm shower and use soap to get it rinsed good.

  • Fully Relax

It is important you fully relax your body and mind before beginning. If you are tense, then your anus muscles will not want to receive the thunder beads. It is also important to relax to reap the full benefits of the pleasure and orgasms they bring.

  • Take things Solo

For your fist time in anal play, I suggest doing it alone. This way you won’t have any pressure from your partner or feel you have to preform to any standards. You can fully relax, and just go at your own pace. Once you become comfortable with the thunder beads, show your partner how to use them, and the full power of pleasure they can bring.

  • Lube the finger

Before you insert the thunder beads, lube your finger and slowly insert that first. This will help lube your anus, and stretch your anus in preparation for the first bead. Chances are your index finger is around the same size as the first bead anyway.

  • Thunder bead size

Know your thunder bead sizes. It’s easy to get ambitious when purchasing your first set of thunder beads. But stick with something on the beginner side if you have never partaken in anal play. Once you get comfortable with them you can always move up in size, but if you purchase beads to large, chances are you will never use them or they can bring discomfort.

  • Lube the thunder beads

Your anus does not have any self-lubrication like the vagina. So even if you’re turned on, lube up the thunder beads before inserting them. I highly suggest natural water-based lubes. They are less likely to react and break down your sex toys, they also are less likely to bring any skin irritations.

  • Take things slow

Never be in a rush with your new sex toys. Thunder beads are designed to bring slow waves of pleasure over time. They are not designed for a quick hammer of pleasure for orgasm. A lot of people mistake what thunder beads are designed for and leave poor reviews. If you know exactly what they are and how they are intended for use, you are much more likely to be satisfied with your adult product.

What is the Best Thunder Bead?

We heaglass thunder beads, anal beads, black twistr it all the time, so what is the best thunder bead on the market? You’re going to hate my response… it depends! Thunder beads come in various shapes, designs, color, and size. This is because everybody’s bodies are unique. Some might enjoy short fat thunder beads, while others prefer long slender beads.

However, I recommend high quality thunder beads. Stick to the manufactures I described above, from a trusted sex toy retailer, and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re new to anal play, try out a quality glass or stainless-steel thunder bead. Once you become more experienced work your way into more flimsy silicone or string-based thunder beads. Start slow and let the waves of pleasure roll over your entire body. Open the door to the ultimate pleasure product that thunder beads offer!

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